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  1. Trouble is, if I get the faintest whiff that I can keep more animals I get very excited. However I knew really that this wasn’t possible.
  2. Can you really keep guinea pigs with chickens? How does this work? Do they have to have a separate part of the run?
  3. I agree with Leicester H. It’s not worth making yourself Ill over. Sounds like she’s having a lovely life. I have a beautiful little peking frizzle, she was very badly bullied. She ended up living with my quail. They’re adorable things
  4. Mud bath around runs

    Good idea will look it up
  5. Mud bath around runs

    I thought about that, but my girls would just scratch them all over the place. We have them on our beds and they love them
  6. Most of my hens and my 2 ducks free range. I have feeders on the outside of my WIR where some birds are kept in. This has become very muddy and slippy this year, I think because of the ducks. Does anyone have any ideas how to remedy this. I used straw once. This just gets sodden and trodden in. I’m so happy that the ducks free range and put themselves to bed that I don’t want to discourage them. Obviously unless I have to (DEFRA)
  7. Weasels and stoats etc

    I don’t think you need worry about either if your not in the country. I’ve seen a stoat here. I do live in the country and have a brook running through my garden. Had a baby duck taken once and a dying hen was helped on her way (both in stable). Never had a problem with them in omelet runs (only water rats)
  8. Snowberries

    I had a huge toadstool/mushroom round one of my trees, the girls ignored it, until it died. It stank like dog poo, but they went mad for it
  9. Before & After Pics *Images Fixed!*

    Yes Mars I can agree with the laying in strange places. Mine have gone broody, but not too much. I couldn’t find one of them for about a week this year. When I did she was sitting on 12 non-fertile eggs
  10. Before & After Pics *Images Fixed!*

    Think the others are what Omlet would call Gingernut ranger, also have lots of other names ( Warrens, ISA Browns)
  11. Before & After Pics *Images Fixed!*

    Yep looks like the grey ones are barred rocks. The ginger ones look like columbaian blac tails ( fantastic layers ). Jury out on the others
  12. Before & After Pics *Images Fixed!*

    Just set it up, too 2 mins. Thank you
  13. To get a wood burner or not ?

    It’s a big YES from me. Can’t beat real flames, and modern log burners are so easy to clean out. Oh and the chooks love the ash
  14. Photobucket

    So photobucket have decided that you can’t post photos on here as it’s 3rd part hosting, or something like that. Apparently you have to pay lots of money if you want to do this. What do we do now?