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  1. Keep it as the central square and as a reminder of how you started, there aren’t that many mistakes anyway. I have several lovely inherited blankets many with multi coloured squares which look great.
  2. I was there last Thursday, lovely ladies and great wool, credit card still in shock though😧.
  3. There is a lovely shop in Bath called Wool - prob not the cheapest but lots of real wool both UK and from overseas.
  4. OH bought varifocals online and was very disappointed with them and ended up buying some at a physical optician as well doubtless due to the lack of proper measurement, but single vision ones may well be worth a try.
  5. I've been taking the basic Menopace for about 2 years now and would definitely say it makes a huge difference to hot flushes - if I forget to take one, I wake up drenched in sweat - eeew (I buy big packs at Boots when they are 3 for 2)
  6. Interesting thread, I've been looking at these; I had an old juicer years ago and spent more time washing all the bits up than drinking juice, so it hit the tip. I'm loathe to get another white elephant, but these do seem to have quite a following.
  7. I agree with Soapdragon, if Sainsburys want to support the British Legion, great; but to use such a poignant moment to flog chocolate - no !
  8. I have done several via Coursera, based in the US - they vary enormously, but I'd recommend using the forums to feel more involved.
  9. Very interesting article Charlottechicken. Patsylabrador, I have been using Lush henna every 6 weeks for about 9 years, so whilst a few go's may not be permanent, mine seems pretty well fixed and the line that grows out is very obvious. Good luck with growing out yours though, do keep us posted with pics if you dare ! Thanks.
  10. I must admit, that I too am in this position. I cannot remember my hair being its natural colour (dull mousy brown) as it was highlighted in my 30s and has been red during my 40s. My kind OH hennas it about every 6 weeks with Lush and I must admit, it takes years off my age and I get a lot of complements on the colour, but whenever I see the grey parting growing though, I wonder about going "natural". (Even writing this I am talking myself out of it !) Problem is, like so many of you, white would probably look great, but mousy grey certainly not and I don't know how to do any kind of halfway house with henna without risking green hair. Having taken 2 and a half years to grow out a fringe to a long bob which I love, I cannot face a major cut. Thing I'll stay in the "holding back the years" camp for a few more years yet.
  11. Awful news, over 40 dogs dead and possibly arson ! There is a justgiving page if anyone would like to help.
  12. I agree with Iwescott, charities need to be very inventive these days to raise funds and if this has raised awareness of their cause and got them a load of donations, good for them !
  13. Ali's Girls - now that I do agree with, surely a drunk alcoholic with the shakes would not just be ignored in prison, or maybe they would if stories of the amount of drugs there are to be believed.
  14. It's only a story ! I suspect episodes involving filling in planning forms might not be all that riveting !
  15. Jiffy bags here too ( not sure I 've ever used one as e-bay scares me)
  16. Brilliant OH and I both in stiches (will remember veet next time he really cheeses me off !)
  17. Yes, I cleared my Mum's house a few years ago and it really affects your attitude to hoarding. I was a bit of a hoarder, but when you realise that one day some poor soul will have to go through countless boxes and drawers of your treasured possessions (aka tat) you definitely start chucking it away ! It is actually quite liberating having less junk around.
  18. You must speak to your manager, if other people have been affected, you should encourage them to do the same separately, but each person can only speak for themselves. Ensure the meting is recorded and request a follow-up. It will not be an easy thing for your manager to deal with, but that is their problem. Absolutely do not hit her back ! As someone else said, imagine how you would feel if this was happening to your daughters and older staff did nothing ! This is totally unacceptable in the workplace or anywhere else !
  19. Given your job, I guess people think they can say what they like and you can't say anything back - how rude !!
  20. Congratulations ! I'm a bit jealous as I always really wanted to be a vet, but allowed my parents to convince me it was too hard and ended up as an accountant instead. Did consider a change of career a few years back, but, as you say, UK fees are a huge deal esp if you already have a degree. Hope it is all you dreamed of. Good Luck and have fun over there.
  21. I must confess, that I generally shop (in Waitrose) after my yoga class (I live quite a distance from the nearest town and it saves time/fuel) and I do wear yoga tights, trainers etc. I do make sure that my bum is covered by a long top though (and my yoga tights are totally opaque unlike many you see these days ). Sorry all.
  22. Stugeron does knock me out a bit, so not great if traveling for several days (as I found on a coach around Australia some years ago) but great for shorter trips such as flights or ferry crossings !

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