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  1. Thanks DM, I have fed her some dried mealworms, (I have a huge tub which is a principal treat for the rest of the girls). I may buy some live worms and see how she goes with those.
  2. By way of a general update. She is still going and seems better. No where near perfect, but still. I have been syringing water down her throat and have also been hand feeding her a little bit of cat food and also balls of paste made out of pellets which I have been kind of chucking in her mouth. I have also been giving her nutridrops though they are about to run out. Her food intake has increased and her poop today is still very small, but is still the most substantial she's done since confinement on Friday. She is getting a bit more co-ordinated, she is now hitting food, though she drops most of it, her wings are quite droopy though and she is a little hunched, but certainly somewhat perkier. Does anyone have any ideas what other things would be good to feed her (preferably things that can be handfed, just in case) Generally she is still deep in the woods, but there is certainly a stronger glimmer of white than there was at the weekend.
  3. Thank you for all the advice. I have actually wormed all my birds only last month, but If she improves I will most likely worm her again. As at stands just getting food into her is a challenge. She cannot get her own food at all, I have mostly been feeding her cat food by essentially dropping it in her beak, I am also giving her water by syringe and keeping up the nutridrops. Been for a walk with her this afternoon, she has some energy which is good to see, but she is definitely not out of the woods.
  4. Oh I stupidly forgot to say (was typing on the iPad, excuse typos) she did give her a spot on treatment, so hopefully that will have helped. The baytril I think is for the slightly congested nostril she has. The thing about food is she cannot seem to aim for it properly, I took her for a walk in the garden and she was moving as to peck at the ground but was about 2" above it, it was weird.
  5. I came home last night to find my 5 year old araucana in a bad way. She seemed a little droopy and uncoordinated. I separated her, gave her some nutridrops and tbh thought she may well be gone by morning. She wasn't so I took her to the vet, thinking it would be a "final trip" she was insanely light but I hadn't notice a particular drop in appetite. Anyway it turns out she has lice. I am so annoyed at myself, never had them before and So I guess I wasn't sure what I was looking for. The vet recommended baitril (sp.?) and an on skin lice treatment. She seems a bit Perkins but she is still uncoordinated, she tries to peck at food but kind of, misses, that's the only way to describe it. I have given her some water by syringe but wonder if there is any syringible solution I can give her to give her some strength? I am aware (though the vet wasn't convinced, thinking it was something stress or weakness based) that it could be something neurological,from which she may never recover, but I was thinking it could not hurt to try and see. Any other advice welcome, sorry for the ramble, I am just mad with myself as I have never had poorly hens before really, I have been lucky. Tim
  6. I leave mine open a lot of the year as well. As for mice nibbling on tootisies, I think if a mouse got close enough to nibble on one of my girls tootsies, it would soon regret it...
  7. I think you just have to. I have a naked neck who did a five week stretch of broodiness, then took a week off and has been back on it for a week now. She does not respond to the broody cage either, so I mostly just try and shut up the house when all the eggs are laid, make sure she's healthy and eating. I wouldn't be able to give her up either.
  8. I am positive cream legbars do not really go broody. Obviously not impossible, but they are not at all known for it. Cream Legbars are pretty and have the blue or green eggs, however, they are also noisy, good fliers and often quite skittish (they have a lot of leghorn blood in them). I have had three for three years and they are inquisitive, but they are not actively friendly like some other breeds, so if they are to be proper pet chickens, they may not be the best choice. I hatched some Vorwerk last year, and sadly got three cockerels, they were beautiful but I had to give them up. From what I know, whilst they are quite good fliers they can be quite calm if well tamed. I certainly wish I could have some vorwerk, I do not know how well they keep as pets though. Both breed are quite small in large fowl, so are a decent equivalent for hybrids size wise (though legabars can be a little bigger)
  9. I currently have some 12 week old growers and have just started feeding all of my hens growers for a while (just easier to remember which goes where). Most of my hens have stopper laying for at least a couple of months and the hybrids are getting on so there laying is not what it was. They do well on growers, I feel it helps them to tell their body to rest whilst they are moulting. Also, if it ever care to a choice of whether to feed layers to young or growers to older the latter is best. You should not ever let growers eat layers pellets.
  10. I have the following chickens: LF: 2 Buff Orps 2 Copper Black Marans 2 Lav Araucanas 3 Cream Legbars 1 Naked Neck 2 Silver Laced wyandottes Hybrids 2 Speckledy 1 White star 2 Bluebelles They all run together and the orpingtons are always fine. I have never had issues with them. One of my araucanas get's bullied sometimes, but I think that's because for an araucana she has a big crest and it looks almost like she is a polish hen. Show quality orpingtons are big birds and blue and black orpingtons are even biggers than buffs. Generally it is only the show quality birds which are so massive and will only lay a very few eggs. My orpingtons are about the same size as my wyandottes, they are definitely heavy birds, but they are not as big as, say, a brama. My Dad always says when he sees them (compared to the rest of them) "those are proper chickens" That being said, my orps are lovely and probably the best natured of my birds. They go broody a fair bit (both sizes) but the are not agressive broodies, they just lose a lost of condition as my orps are very firm sitters. I used one to hatch some eggs and she would only come off the nest if I carried her. They are quite happy being held and don't cause any problems.
  11. Yes, just to reiterate. Cuckoo Marans should be clean legged. They are an "English spin-off" of French Marans and should not have any feathers. French Marans can be very feathery or just a bit feathery. I agree with Redwing, if you have French Marans they are nicer! I have a couple of copper black marans and they are beautiful! Also they have very few feathers on the legs so it's never a maintenance issue.
  12. It is very exciting. All my four literally hatched within about six hours which was quite a surprise. Just make sure you don't lift the broody off again till chicks are out. The silver laced are wonderful aren't they, not easy to find in large fowl, which is why I ended up hatching them.
  13. Out of the 18 chickens I have, I normally have 15 sleeping in the cube together, even though I have two eglus, one of which is always empty. normally in the cube I have: 2 Buff Orps 1 Wyandotte 1 Marans 1 White Star 2 Bluebelles 2 Speckledys 3 Cream Legbars 2 Araucanas 1 Naked Neck All of these are large fowl (well white stars are small, but they aren't banties) I try to separate them, but they won't have it. Admittedly they all free range all day, but the run on a cube would be plenty of space for 3 Orps. Most of my chickens also lay in the cube and it doesn't cause too much drama. There is space for two to lay peacefully, three if they aren't feeling "too sensitve" Also, if you have three Orpingtons it is unlikely they would all be laying on the same day as they do not lay every day.
  14. It all looks a little bare at the moment, but they will be getting fresh turf in about a week. In the first photo there are: 2 Silver Laced Wyandottes 2 White Stars 2 Bluebelles 2 Speckledy's 2 Cream Legbars 2 Lavender Araucanas 1 Cuckoo Naked Neck 1 Copper Black Marans Here we have Babs and Berta (the Orps), Magenta (naked neck) and Marianne (Copper black Marans)
  15. Here we are. Greeny is now Willow and Bluey is now Wanda And the buff orp in the background is the one who raised them

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