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  1. That's really put my mind at rest thank you. They are in a secure run and the eglu door has been left open for some time now as they get up so early. I wondered if it was a problem but I'm reassured now. I go in when they've gone to bed and she seems very happy. I won't worry about the other two either - maybe they'll get there in the end! They seem happy and healthy and I suppose that's what counts. Thanks again
  2. I got 10 rescue hens in December and all are hale and hearty but one chicken, Pink, has suddenly stopped going to bed. She goes into the run with the others but prefers to sit on a perch in the run rather than go into the cube with the others. I'm reluctant to force her but wondered whether I should be encouraging her to go in - it's not cold at this time of year so I'm not too worried about that aspect of it. She does go in to lay her eggs so it's not that she doesn't like it and the others are fine with it. They are on the lovely pine scented bedding for chickens in the next box (where despite my best efforts most of them want to sleep) and there's no sign of red mite or anything else. I haven't seen any sign that there's any bullying going on although that was a problem in the past it never seemed to involve Pink, she was always a pretty chilled chicken! Another question, the hens arrived in various states of feathering - although none were good, two of the hens are still bare backed although they are now starting to sprout on their bottoms. Their backs where their tails are remain featherless and rather red. No sign of a problem and they are lively and seem happy - just a bit baldy. Their necks too are a bit baldy although there are feathers coming through, they don't seem to be forming quickly. I've had rescues before (this is my third batch (clutch?)) and usually by now they are pretty much feathered up.... Any ideas anyone?
  3. It gets worse - two guard chickens! Even though it was dark at 5.00 the bullies were standing preventing three chickens from going into the cube. As soon as they go in they are grabbed and pulled around by either bully. I removed one but the other didn't give up - and these are nasty attacks. Even with Vaseline the combs of the others are showing marks. I put the bullying two in the classic - and the rest settled well immediately. The two bullies settled too. Is it best to leave them to it? Even though left to themselves some won't go to bed? Vaseline isn't helping much. I've had bullies before but this is a whole new level for me. Will it settle? I feel so bad for those attacked - their cries are pitiful and it just keeps on as the bullies keep at it. I'm worried what they will do, I really am.
  4. I think them going into the nest box is a recent development - they didn't do it at first, but I will stop them. I really didn't want to use the classic but I didn't want to put her in when she was getting so beaten up. Hopefully if they are all in the main part of the eglu tonight there won't be the same bullying. They seem settled enough when they are out - the worst of that is over, it was just the bed guarding which was worrying me it was just so vicious. Tonight it will be plenty of Vaseline on her comb, all in together and we'll see what happens! Fingers crossed! Thanks for the advice it has helped a lot Jill
  5. I adopted 11 rescue hens on 19th December. I expected a bit of bullying while they sort themselves out but I've noticed one chicken is not allowed in the cube. I have put her in before and heard some scrabbling but assumed it was just them settling. I put her in tonight and saw and another chicken attack her - a full scale nasty attack - and she kept on going for her, I had to intervene and pull her out. I have put an eglu classic on a table in the run so she has somewhere to sleep but I don't really want this as a permanent solution. They free range whenever the weather is up to it as they aren't very feathered or used to taking shelter - so they stay in when it's raining. I have put lots of feeding and watering stations so guarding them isn't possible. Any suggestions? Will the bullying hen accept this one eventually or should I think of a bump a bit or the like. Ive just checked and 8 hens hens are jammed in the nest box of the eglu rather than the living quarters - should I stop this? If so, how? Two seem to be 'on guard' although only one attacked. The good news is that my other little girl has settled in the classic and seems content for now. Any advice gratefully received. Many thanks. Jill
  6. That's how long I had my beloved Dumpling before I lost her this morning. She was an ex-batt who came to me looking somewhat shocking but blossomed into a real beauty. All it took was a little TLC and to be out of her cage. She outlived all her ex-batt family by over a year but time eventually caught up with her and she went to bed last night and she went to sleep and didn't wake up. She was such a special hen. Before After Sorry about the size of the images - software problems means I can't resize. If it doesn't work and you want to see her just PM me. Thanks Jill
  7. The vet seemed happy with 7 days but gave me the other information as that's current thinking. I think I'll go for 14 days...I can't keep Banjo separate easily to know which eggs are hers. I think that should be enough....but then again...
  8. Thanks for that - no signs of red mite - there's nothing obvious - although Blossom has laid a softie (I can't be 100% it was her but I think so) now and has perked up a bit. Banjo was still tucked up and not so happy so I took them to the vet and she couldn't find anything from examining them both have normal temperature and good colour too. Blossom was perky enough not to have one but Banjo has had a jab of Baytrill. Upon arriving home both are much perkier and seem to be feeling better so we'll have to see...they rushed for their share of mealworms which they weren't doing before! Apparently the withdrawal recommendations range from 7 days to 28 days and some literature says never to eat the eggs again. I was planning on leaving 7 days....what does anyone else do.
  9. Yesterday one of my girls, Banjo, was a bit off colour - but got worse despite having nutri drops. She occasionally perked up but didn't really eat much and was lethargic. I thought a trip to the emergency surgery at the vet would be needed but today Blossom is also off colour and looks worse than Banjo! The others are still fine but I'm wondering how long for. Five eggs on Friday, 3 yesterday one of which had a very thin shell. No softies and they all seemed fine on Friday...any ideas anyone? They are all ex-caged Nov 2013 (except one ex-batt oct 2011). They were wormed two weeks ago. Any ideas gratefully received. Thanks.
  10. Just before bedtime I let Dumpling back in with them and while she tried to dominate there were no attacks. They are all pecking around each other but not nastily. The newbies are getting a bit more animated though after the initial shock of their arrival so that's good. I'll let them all out later to enjoy the garden for the first time and see what they make of that. The difference between these and the ex-batts is very noticeable though - their general condition is so much better but they are so skinny! Dumpling has never put on much weight but compared to these she's huge. Still from now they will have as much food as they want. Treats when they find out heat they are, and space to do just what they want. In short - they will now have a life rather than an existence.
  11. I have my new girls and Dumpling is not happy! The girls are standing in the run not really doing anything while Dumpling is prowling trying to find a way of getting at them. Hopefully after a night together Dumpling will become less aggressive. I' have treated them with louse and mite powder and they don't look so bad - just very she'll shocked. I will post ics tomorrow.
  12. They are more rescue hens. Technically I suppose they're not ex-batts but I guess there won't be that much difference! I''m hoping for 4 to take me back up to 5. They will get home at about 1pm today, so there will be a few hours of light before bedtime. I thought I'd put the newcomers in the run today and leave Dumpling outside until bedtime then they can all go to bed together. She can watch while the others try to work out what on earth is going on! I am thinking of calling these, Susie, Phoenix, Hope and Brenda (all named for Glen Campbell songs). Glen is my hero and since he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's any money I'm given for the eggs, assuming I get some, is going to Alzheimer's research. I don't sell the eggs but some people give me money - I don't keep the hens for profit so, I'll donate the money 'for Glen'. I'm sure Dumpling will be happy to cuddle up at nights again, she's been on her own for a while and it's not getting any warmer! I'm really quite excited about it...I might even get some eggs. Dumpling went through the henopause ages ago!
  13. Well, having lost my little Funky Chicken at the end of August I was left with my one remaining ex-batt, Dumpling. She's been with me over two years now and is still going strong. She doesn't know it yet but she's getting some sisters on Saturday to keep her company in her eglu. I'm quite excited about having some new girls - and I'm sure Dumpling will be happy about it when they all settle down. Am I right in thinking that introducing new chickens to an existing chicken is much simpler than trying to mix flocks? I'm hoping for an easier ride than last time when poor Noodle was bullied for 2 - 3 weeks before it all settled down. Any tips would be more than welcome to get them to settle quickly... Cheers Jill
  14. Me again. I'm pretty sure Funky isn't long for this world - she's standing around looking a bit fed up and not bothered but thankfully I don't think she's in pain. She's eating but mostly when I put it in front of her but then she tucks in with some gusto! She's wandering around the garden a bit but mostly she just stands there - she's a bit drawn in but her tail is still up (just) and her eyes are still bright. i have calculated the worming dose (flubenvet) to be as sure as possible they get a proper dose as there's just the two of them and that's going well. Is there anything else I can do? I have given them a warm straw bed, mealworms, a bit of cat food (fish type, which they love) as well as their pellets and crumb - but they're old now and deserve some treats and I think it's keeping Funky interested. Any ideas? Thanks
  15. Thanks for that - its what I was afraid of, but hopefully she will be around a bit longer. She does have rather clear to yellowish watery diarrhoea as well now if that means anything. She is still eating and is interested in things which must be a good sign although is a bit subdued. She's a bit tucked in at the moment too but not so much. I gave them both a bath as their bums weren't too pleasant today and they are tucking into a crumb/cod liver oil treat as I write.

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