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  1. I do not recommend this cage. On the top bit, it is cage wire ( whatever its called) and that seriously hurts the hamsters feet.
  2. Is it a silver tabby? looks like the cat from the whiskas advert
  3. I suggest Indian Runner Ducks, There cute (tall!) things.
  4. They are so nice if you cook them and flip them right.
  5. I dont buy free range eggs ALL the time. my faves are burfurd browns and duck eggs! But if the shops keep on selling non free range eggs and no one buys them they will go to wast so you are not exactly helping them a lot . But i guess free range taste better but they are more expensive! especially with the vat.......
  6. Not for the last three days. im starting to think it was a sudden loud noise. But she was doing it in her sleep.
  7. The safe one from pets at home that plant fibre thing. Not the cotton. I have never used that. She is one year old now so she isnt new. today she hasnt been screeching but i just want to know what it is so i can avoid it happening again.
  8. My suggestion was roglu (rodent+eglu). Im so sad i barely win anything
  9. You can find out how to make pear crumble but i dont do crumbles. i only do cakes!
  10. Just now my hamster was screeching in her sleep! it sound like she was suffocating but she is still breathing. shes alright now she is just collecting some food. I quickly went on yahoo answers and the said hamsters can have nightmares! Is it true? and if you know what it is please reply. Thanks, Love Pets.
  11. Oat Bran Galettes These are very nice to have for breakfast instead of cooked eggs by themselves.
  12. I have found out that the start to lay at 19 to 20 weeks of age so your ducks have good time to lay. Ducks eggs tast very nice but the have a very hard shell so it is hard to crack! I dont have ducks myself so i bought them from sainsburys. the also smell more then hens eggs when you cook them. the yolks are very orange in colour as well. hope i helped Love Pets.
  13. LOL already got one hamster. Shes black,fat and called ebony. I have this HUGE cage its like 80cm Lengthwise. Best cage ever. http://www.petsathome.com/shop/hamster-heaven-metro-hamster-cage-by-savic-(online-only)-15968 Love pets

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