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  1. After months of hesitation, we gave in and built a WIR. The mudbath around the cube was unbearable and quite dangerous for the humans. And they really killed everything alive in their run, a part from the bushes. I have no idea how to put pics here, so there is a link to the album, I hope it will work. We used an existing shed, and the pull-out trays and the roosting bars of the cube, we won't need them now for the winter. This is their winter accommodation, kb half the size of the summer run with the electric fence, but 6 hens must be happy in 12sqm for 5 months. A lot of the material are recycled from other projects, which makes me extra happy We need to add the finishing touches, a couple of safety latches and similar, but is functional and very robust. https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/112990074968617826619/albums/5682292217935549041
  2. Similar problem, I'm not happy about it. A month ago we had the cube with 3 new birds, to addition to the existing 3. All from Omlet. The older ones laid always in the nest box (in the go) and learned fast to lay in the nestbox of the cube too. But one of the new ones, which finally started to lay now quite regularly, fancies the gap between the wooden fence and the retaining concrete wall (our garden is sloping towards that fence, the retaining wall is maybe 20cm high). That area is full of rubble, stones, sticks. She sits there, I thought only for the cooler climate, bt she actually is building a NEST, silly bird. While she is sitting there, she picks small sticks, pieces of grass and puts neatly around herself. And there are her eggs there, someone will step on them and breaks it Annoying. I bought 3 rubber eggs today, I'll put them in the nestbox tomorrow morning and will block the gap at the fence, then will wait. And what about the 3 eggs a day from 6 omlet hybrids? Shouldn't they already lay regularly? The first lot started to lay 2 weeks after they arrived and continued ever since like clockwork. Is this normal, because of the season? We chose them instead of some frilly purebreed, because of the eggs. Can be that I have to BUY eggs again??? Scandal
  3. Chucky Mama, it's well visible, that in your cube the outer, coloured piece is almost as low as the grey one underneath (mms difference), I think this can be a contributing factor to your water-tightness.
  4. We ordered the cube just now and will arrive next Monday (yippee ), but now I'm a bit worried. Should we test it with the hose before the man leaves or the hose would cause leakage anyway?
  5. Congratulations Can we see a picture of the Champion?
  6. Ophelia, I'm so sorry for your dog, is so inconsiderate to put out poison where pets (or kids!?) can find it, horrible
  7. What Another three weeks for the kids here My friend's son in Finland started today too. They have actually autumn now...
  8. Mine don't touch the blackberry bush, not even the ripe berries, which is strange, seen their devotion to the blueberries... So you may try that. Choose the thorn-less variety, otherwise you might end up with bramble.
  9. my son is homesick on holiday (I miss him too, but that's normal)
  10. Hi virgin, mine were about 16-18 weeks old, when arrived and started to lay last Thursday, well, at least 2 of the 3. We have now 2 eggs a day. The signs I noticed: their legs become white, instead of yellow their comb become red and did grow bigger they squatted a lot on the floor 2 days before they actually started to lay they spent time in the coop. Then first a tiny egg came, mid afternoon, after a long time spent in and out of the coop, lamenting a lot, squatting, making nest in the nestbox (aka making an unholy mess with the woodshaving). Next day nothing, then 2 hens had eggs in the morning and now is a sort of routine, every morning around 9-10, we have a queue, even the not yet laying one is indoors, the they come out, very proud and visibly relieved Good luck for your first eggs soon, is a thrill really
  11. If you can afford it, do it now. We ask ourselves every day, why we didn't do this years ago. The added responsability is huge, you have to look after them properly, but if the safety and security of the birds is sorted and if you have 5 minutes in the morning, 3 minutes in the evening, an added 10 minutes per week, then there is nothing you need more for have fresh eggs every morning And they are hugely entertaining, ours do all sorts of stunts, eat from our hands, steal the blueberries. (I'd start in the summer, warm mornings, less rain, is more pleasant and when you are hooked, is easier probably in the horrid weather too) We started with a go+run, now planning the electric fence to safely free range them during the day and a WIR so we can add more birds , after the holiday we'll start we got the morehens disease
  12. I'm quite sad on so many levels, making excel charts before buying almost anything to compare pros and cons how is this tally works? where could I find one? maybe I'll join to the sad group after all
  13. We had our first egg today and is very tiny, so my hubby suggested that I should create a chart to keep records, but I thought is just beyond silly, but now I see that there are people who do it. Brilliant

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