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  1. Got 4 new chooks in april and 2 have already died.Lost Grace last week she was ok in the morning then found her dead in the coop I think she died whilst trying to lay.I found Hetty dead this morning,she had been off her food for a couple of days.They have been wormed and have no mites etc.I've been keeping chickens for 2 years and 6 have died out of 10. I think the longest one lived for 18 months. I feel more like sad mrs chicken than happy mrs chicken at the moment.
  2. I have put a spare hooded cat litter tray in the run and they have all gone in it to sleep,i think when they all get along abit better I will do as olly suggested and put them in the eglu after dark and hope they get the hang of it.
  3. Hi everyone,got my 4 new hens 2 weeks ago and they had been living in an old wooden coop and run I use for introductions and they have been freeranging with my existing 2 hens.On Monday I put them all together in the omlet wir.When it was bedtime my existing 2 hens went into the ,one of the new girls attemped to enter and was soon chased out.Since then none of the hens have attemped to enter.They all sleep huddled up together in the corner of the run squashed up against the weldmesh.I am worried that a fox might try and grab a wing while they are sleeping.I have branches in there but they prefer to sleep on the floor.With the wind and the rain today I really don't want them sleeping outside so not sure what to do any ideas anyone?
  4. So excited,i've ordered an Omlet WIR after thinking about it for a while there was a free delivery offer on so decided to take the plunge.I've just got 4 new chooks to go with my 2 older girls I was fed up of crawling in the 4m run to clean it out.Will try to post pics when all set up.
  5. I have a and I have just bought a small wooden coop and run just to be used for introductions or poorly hens and was thinking of using a red mite product.What is the best product to use in the coop to prevent them?
  6. I would buy one,would save me getting up at 7.00am on a sunday morning to let them out.
  7. Lovely girls,i'm going to get some new girls from there next week ,have they got lots of girls to choose from?
  8. Just ordered a run extension for my to make it 4m.Going to get 3 new girls to go with my lone hen in a couple of weeks. I have bought some canes to divide the run.I can't wait to go and choose them.
  9. Thanks for your replies,i think i will order one.I have to crawl through the door to clean the 3m run anyway,as i cant reach all areas with the rake,going to get my daughter to do it next time.
  10. Hi,i was thinking of ordering the classic extension kit b to make the run 4m,so i can get another 3 hens as i have a lone hen at the moment.Its at sale price.Has anyone got a 4m run? Will it make it a bit difficult to clean?
  11. Thanks everyone for your kind words. I have thought of getting ex batts if theres anywhere near me,i will have to get a couple of new girls soon to keep Popcorn company.
  12. Sadly i lost my Miss Pepperpot today.She hadn't been laying for a couple of months but she was eating and drinking yesterday.She was just sat in the run when i went up to feed them today.I went to check on her later and she had passed away.I have only 1 chicken left now.
  13. Hi,i'm thinking of getting a garden composter,to put chicken bedding and kitchen waste etc in.When the compost is ready would the compost be ok to use in the chickens dustbath?
  14. It looks great,think i will get some tree stumps/branches to make their free range area more interesting.
  15. I use a shallow tubtrug which is of course is purple to match my eglu.
  16. Hi,i have the run with my eglu,don't think i would use the eglu on its own without the run.
  17. I like Your Chickens and Practical Poultry,also get Your Home and Your Cat,think i'm addicted to mags.

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