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  1. Get a cat birds wont come near your garden then.
  2. My Miss Pepperpot is always the last one in the after my 2 Gingernut Rangers at night and one of them usually sleeps in the nest box.
  3. Went to Dobbies at Barlborough last tues and they had Garvo in stock.
  4. I bet you cant wait till they arrive,I got my 3 on 25/5/11 and love having them i bet i will end up getting more in the future as this morehens disease is very contagious.
  5. Has anyone tried Heygates layers pellets?
  6. Tried mine with cheese they dont seem to like it very much,they dont like ordinary corn neither (fussy girls). and thankyou Tigerlily we are big Peppa Pig fans my little boy loves George.
  7. One of my chooks keeps laying softies.She lays a normal egg in the morning then lays a softie in the evening,its been happening about 3 or 4 times a week for the last 3 weeks.Is this quite a common thing to happen?
  8. What food do you give your chooks?Mine dont eat very much of the layers pellets i got for them this time,a grub full lasts my 3 chooks 2 to 3 days.I think i will go back to the omlet feed.
  9. I was worried my cat was going to chase the chooks when i first let them free range.She chases my little dog and even gets ready to pounce on me when im hanging the washing out.So i let them out of the run and she watched them for a while then she ran up to one of them and got a peck on the nose,she ran off out of the garden and was not amused,she now keeps well away.
  10. Thanks HH HENS,the omlet feed is expensive main reason why i want to try something else not sure if omlet feed is mash or not it doesnt say,but my chooks like it.Might try a brand of mash as most people said their chooks prefered it.
  11. Hello,has anyone tried Hi Peak organic layers pellets? I can buy them for £13.99 for a 25kg bag which i think is good value,been using Omlets organic feed but thought i might try a different brand.Also what does everyones chooks prefer pellets or mash?
  12. Sorry you had to rehome your chickens,even if she had of complained to council it doesnt mean they will make you rehome them.My two boys make far more noise than my chickens as do lots of other things,and thats what i shall say if any of my neighbours make any comments.
  13. Hello,there is a gap when my classic door is shut i can nearly squeeze my hand through.

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