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  1. Sorry if this has been posted before My neighbourhood has a colony of foxes in it, and they seem to be based in my neighbour's garden. I've seen them sunbathing on the grass at the far end of her garden, and they've come into my garden in the past and ripped up bin bags filled with grass clippings in search of rubbish. I know she's encouraging them deliberately because my dad's dog ran into the neighbour's back garden one afternoon when she'd left the gate open to work out the front, and came trotting out with a pig head in her mouth my neighbour only has one cat, so I know that the pig head wasn't a treat for a pet of hers... Our neighbourhood are constantly complaining about the noise and nuisance the foxes make/cause, and she's definitely not ignorant of that fact, so I guess what I'm asking here (for the sake of my future chickens!) is what action I can take - some people have suggested calling the RSPCA to get the foxes relocated, but I'm not sure how possible that actually is - and surely it'd depend on the foxes being in her garden at the time when the RSPCA turned up? HELP!
  2. When I was at university the campus police officer warned us a lot about bike thieves - they said the best lock is the D-lock (as the poster above mentioned) and to do things like remove the front wheel of the bike and take it with you - if it's not easy to cart off they're less likely to want to nick it, and carrying the front wheel of the bike is a lot easier than carrying the whole bike itself.
  3. Ah yes LAMPS! if you can get a lantern or a torch with a tie at one end you can usually fasten it to the point where the tent poles meet in the roof, giving you better light all round the tent... and a hand-winding torch is always good, saves buying a load of batteries and they've significantly gone down in price since they first hit the market
  4. It's a nickname I was given about 6 years ago by some friends - short for 'squiffy', so I think that explains it for the most part. It stuck and now I use it most places as it's not usually taken.
  5. Hiya, I love camping - you can take all sorts with you! HP do loads of cans of things you can heat up easily over a burner - all day breakfast, sausage and beans, things like that, if you buy a wire toaster you can have toast too! a small frying pan can do you bacon and eggs etc, packets of crisps and breakfast bars, small things that can tuck away easily in nooks and crannies. you can also get foldable water canteens that you only need to fill once or twice a trip and fold up easily once they're done which solves your tea/coffee/toothbrushing problems! Shower blocks have come a long way in recent times - electric showers, shaver sockets, hand dryers, sockets for hair dryers, hot water, the lot, so don't be TOO apprehensive, it's quite fun. Just take LOADS of socks, and some sturdy wellies, it's always 10x colder outside when you're sleeping in a tent Good luck! I think there's a lot of stuff I've probably forgotten to mention, they may come to me later, but that's something to get you started
  6. Hello! I'm Lauren, the boyfriend and I have just come into possession of a pink eglu, and have ordered our first two chickens! so excited, have been reading the forums like crazy getting ready for when the girlies arrive. Nice to meet you all

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