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  1. Oooh, lets see the pics of the door, I am most interested too, to see how you have done it. Rosemary x
  2. Hi there I have a Viburnum tinus Laurustinus plant and I was wondering if it was harmful for the chickens? Rosemary x
  3. Hi there, After a spell of not keeping hens due to domestic circumstances I am pleased to say that I am now looking forward to getting more girls. I used to have an eglu in a walkin run but am thinking of getting a cube this time. Can anyone tell me the advantages/disadvantages of the cube compared to the eglu, apart from it being bigger and able to house more hens of course. I am unsure wether to go for an other eglu or upgrade to a cube. Thanks Rosemary x
  4. Thanks for the advice, but unfortunately she has just died. I thought she was picking up, had something to eat and drink, then had what I presume was a massive heart attack. She is not suffering now, bless her. Rosemary x
  5. My ex batt, Priscilla, who has been free for twelve months now has suddenly started having breathing problems. Yesterday, I noticed she was in the Eglu for a long time and when I checked her breathing was heavy, laboured and noisy. I monitored through the day and she seems alert but very hot and having difficulty with her body heaving to breathe. Today, she is not eating and not really interested in anything and is in her bed with the same problem, but still responds and seems quite alert. I know I will have to take her to the vets tomorrow but wondered if anyone had any ideas at to what it might be or how I can make things more comfortable for her until I can get her seen at the vets. Rosemary x
  6. i wouldn't worry too much yet, one of my rescue chickens took 4 days to come out the house and weeks before she was happy in the garden. It is quite normal for an ex battery to appear to be withdrawn for a start. Well done you on giving the girls a chance Best wishes Rosemary
  7. Hi, I have not organised a rescue as yet, only just thinking about it but wondered if I were to arrange one in the near future if anyone would be interested. If you want to email me with your contact details I can put you on the list of possible re homers and if it comes off I will contact you. Best wishes Rosemary
  8. Hi there, I can confirm this is not connected to any other organisation, just little old me, who already has ex batts and after my experience yesterday in the farm has made me more determined to do whatever I can to rescue as many hens as I possibly can. North London Rescue as far as I knpw is not related to BHWT. Seeing first hand the conditions these poor girls have to suffer, made my girls seem so much more precious and when I got home I gave them an extra special hug. Rosemary x
  9. Hi there, I have just had a very rewarding experience over the weekend helping rescue hens on behalf of the North London Rescue. It has made me more determined to help these poor girls out and am thinking of trying to arrange a rescue more locally, in Leicestershire. Would anyone be interested in re homing any hens if I can arrange something? You can email me on RMAPLECROFT@AOL.COM Best wishes Rosemary
  10. You guys are great. Where would we be without the support of each other on the forum Thank you all for your kind words. Flopsy is now at rest, free from the terrible pain she suffered at the end, she is under the conifer in our garden where she used to like to sunbathe. take care all Love Rosemary xxx
  11. Re: My Flopsy ill, have to make a decision - RIP ! Reply #2 - Today at 10:09am Flopsy is now at peace. I decided the kindest thing was to check her out at the vets again and it was agreed the kindest thing for her was to have her put to sleep. The vet was really nice. Tried to get a vein without much success but it seemed that Flopsy then decided enough was enough and passed peacefully away of her own accord. She was unconcious which made it easier for the vet to inject her into her liver. So my little, famous, Flopsy is no longer in pain. She was a little sweetheart, completely featherless when she came out the battery cage, twelve months ago, she had a lovely twelve months, fully feathered and made fame in our local newspapers, hilighting the plight of battery chickens. Thanks to all for their replies. Best wishes to all and love your hens whilst you can Rosemary xxx
  12. Hi there, My little Flopsy seems to have a return of the problem she had a couple of months ago. A lump in her abdomen which she expelled after the vet gave her a shot of oxytocin last time and she recovered completely. It was a horrible mangled up egg and stuff. This time, symptoms seem the same, but the oxytocin hasn't worked, and she hasn't managed to expel the offending matter. She is managing to poo alot tho. My dilema is do I have her put to sleep to put her out of her misery or do I hang on to where there is life there is hope. Yesterday she was so poorly I had made my mind up that today I would take her to the vets and let her go quietly. But today there seems to be some improvement although she has the lump, I reckon anyway, because she hasn't passed it. She is worse than last time, I hate to see her suffer, and this is a horrible decision to have to make. If the oxytocin was going to work, would it have worked by now - almost 48 hours now? Do I leave her till Monday in the hope of a recovery? This is awful, I was hoping nature would quickly act best and let her go naturally. Best wishes to you all and your girls, and boys of course. Rosemary x
  13. Yes it is funny to see the girls almost attack the hoe/spade/fork when digging. But be careful, as my husband was digging some weeks ago, with the spade, and one of my girls, ran behind him between his legs just as the spade was coming down and 'wack' she had a massive blow onto the back of her head. She was lucky she wasn't killed. It was a vet job too. So now, if there is any serious digging or gardening, I put the girls away as it is too risky, they absolutely hate it, but it is for their own good. Rosemary x
  14. Good point, never thought of it like that. Best wishes Rosemaryx

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