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  1. I had an issue with this after jaw surgery (had both jaws moved forward 12mm for sleep apnoea) Physio helped, but it was quite simple - thumb inside cheek as far back as you can reach and pinch and hold the muscle hard with your fingers outside (obviously), repeat both sides. Worked for me!

  2. We've had a "hen solo" for about a year, she's now 3. Normally we buy in pairs and wait until both have departed until replacing. However, this time we decided to get two new ones last weekend and introduce to the solo. Took the advice of the seller (Sunnyside Poultry), let the older one out to FR for the day, put the new ones into the run then added the third at bedtime. One minor squabble, but everything's been OK so far.

    Meet Lacey and Suzie...


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  3. An article on a news channel said today is 'The dance of the dead' in Madagascar, where they dig up the bodies of their relatives, wrap them in shrouds and carry them head height whilst dancing along the streets. One woman said they had been exhuming the body of her Grandmother for the last 30 years!


    Ahh, bless. Its nice to get out once in a while...

  4. We currently have a hen solo, and have had one before. In both cases, they seemed quite happy living out their lives alone. Neither seemed miserable to us at any time. Having said that, they both like (or liked) to interact with us a lot and had freedom to free range as much as they want (or wanted). The first one spent most of the time running around with the rabbit we had at the time, they were really good friends (except when the rabbit got a bit too friendly, if you catch my drift, leading to lots of Easter Egg jokes).

  5. I'd try one of the plug in mosquito killers (liquid based) as you can leave them on all the time. It's a bit of an old wives tale but eating Marmite works for me, I can't remember the last time I got bitten, but our son who doesn't eat it does get bitten a lot! You can also get ultrasonic repellers, but I've never tried those.

  6. Enzo came out of hibernation yesterday and had a nice day in the sun. Bought him in overnight and opened his box to find this


    So, after all the years of believing he was male (mainly due to having a concave plastron) it turns out she's female! She's not been in contact with any other torts at any time so it can't possibly be fertile.


    I've never heard of an egg appearing straight after hibernation like that, does anyone know if that is normal or not?

  7. Lost one of our two girls, Tikka, last night.


    Long story short, we adopted another greyhound about 2 weeks ago, having met him on the RGT stand at Crufts. He settled in brilliantly - we had been very careful about introductions to the girls plus had been advised that he had been "cat tested". Our older grey is fine with the girls (all the family dogs are) as we've had him for 7 years so maybe that made us complacent. Girls were out for a free-range hour yesterday evening, and were on the point of going in on their own as they always do. Let the dogs out for a few moments, heard a bit of a commotion and shot out to find Tikka lying the the lawn in a mess of feathers and Fidget making a fuss from other end of the garden. New dog, Toby, was nearby looking confused. Don't know precisely what happened in between. No apparent injuries on Tikka but bought her in and she died in our arms about 10 minutes later - probably of shock.


    I can't believe we allowed that to happen to poor little Tikka :cry:

  8. All windows PC's should have a program called "Paint" on them, it's part of the package I believe listed under accessories in the programs list. Open up the image in that, select resize on the top menu, select the "pixels" option then enter 80 in the horizontal or vertical box. OK it and do a "save as" (or you'll overwrite the original).

  9. I had to do this for my mum in the same circumstances in late 2014. Fortunately got it all in place whilst she was still OK to be interviewed for the process. Once the OPG have signed off and returned the PoA documents (it's a separate one each for finance/property and health/welfare, they took about 2 weeks to come back but it can be longer), you'll then have to register them with each organisation involved, banks, building societies, inland revenue, doctors, utility providers, etc. That can be a pain as some need to see the original document, although some will accept a scanned and e-mailed copy, I found. Once that's done, everything else has been reasonably straightforwards. If only here care was the same... :(

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