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  1. For what it's worth, I heard good things about the self adhesive copper tape, so tried some. Not for plants; I used it on the legs of the rabbit hutch as the slimy little devils were going in at night and eating his food! It had absolutely no effect whatsoever, sadly. Forgot to add - best slug busting idea OH had involves half a brick...
  2. There is a lot of useful info regarding sleep apnoea here http://www.britishsnoring.co.uk/? including on-line tests to help you decide whether you may have it or not. I doesn't replace a consultation, obviously, but might help in making a decision whether to investigate further.
  3. OH has been looking at these recently, although we haven't bought one as yet. Assuming she has Freeview at the moment via a normal aerial (rather than Freesat/Virgin/Sky, etc), this PVR seems to get good reviews and is probably the one we'd go for, as you'll get the HD channels as well. http://www.amazon.co.uk/Humax-HDR-2000T-Freeview-HD-Recorder/dp/B00FPLMRDC/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1393506322&sr=8-1&keywords=humax
  4. Sorry, but I just don't get it. Seems to me that anyone who can hold a paintbrush the right way up can call themselves a designer these days. It came across to me like a recycled version of "Changing Rooms", with all the poor quality bodging and short-cut taking that went on in that. OK, there were a few inventive ideas, but you just know the owners were being polite and will probably change things as soon as the cameras stop rolling. And the amount of pretentious twaddle that the judges spouted nearly had OH throwing stuff at the telly. Just my tenpenneth...
  5. It was sad to hear, he's one of OH's favourite actors. Strange that this was all over the news - Maximilian Schell died the day before and hardly got a mention.
  6. Nutella, no way. Marmite - we have it on draught...
  7. Can't imagine our greyhound doing that. When his brother-from-another-mother (Badger the BC, AKA, ADHD dog) comes round, he usually hides in his bed.
  8. His problem with it was that the tiredness alway hit mid afternoon. He travels a lot and it got to the point where he'd have to avoid driving at certain times just to be safe. One thing we were told is that you can have OSA without any snoring being evident - they don't necessarily go together. Anyone with a size 16 or above collar is quite likely to have it to some extent. He was 40 when it was diagnosed, the operation isn't normally done on anyone over 50 as there aren't so many benefits - CPAP is the normal route as it does work so well, but the machines can be hard to use and disruptive. It's difficult - living with it without treatment puts a huge strain on the cardiovascular system and is potentially life threatening. It's also technically reportable to the DVLA, who can remove a driving licence if you have it but aren't having treatment. It's definately not a condition to be taken lightly.
  9. OH was diagnosed with this 10 years ago. The CPAP machine really works well - for most people. Unfortunately, he couldn't tolerate the mask. As his apnoea was due to having a very short jaw, he finished up having surgery to have both jaws moved forward 15mm Apnoea score dropped from 50/hour to 3-4/hour. Success, but not a pleasant (8 hour) operation.
  10. May be slightly off topic, but consider the flue position if you haven't already got one. Our neighbours installed one about 3 months ago in a single story extension. So its about 8m upwind and on the same height as our bedroom windows. If the wind blows and the windows are open we get smoked. If the wind isn't blowing, it pools around the patio and just hangs about. They are being stubborn about doing anything to rectify it so we are having to investigate our legal options at the moment.
  11. Since Scramble was PTS last October, Poppy (now AKA Hen Solo) has been fine on her own in the Eglu Go. She's a Pepperpot, is 2 1/2 now and no longer lays (since Nov 2012). We want to get more girls, but need to work out the best time to get them and what the ideal number would be (thinking two at the moment rather than one). Unfortunately, we don't have any alternative accommodation than the Go if introductions don't go well. Any recommendations? Plus, if anyone can recommend a supplier in NW Leicestershire or South Derbyshire area it would be appreciated?
  12. Echo the above. Our greyhound is fine with the chicken and also with the rabbit (which you wouldn't expect). He's a rescue and was "cat tested" at the home before he came to us.
  13. If you are into film and cinema, IMDb is definitely worth having. It's a brilliant source of info on everything to do with film and TV.
  14. We went down the route of using the council to get rid of ours last winter. I think we paid £30 for a months treatment and visits. We were told - rightly or wrongly - that the commercially available poisons are now pretty ineffective. The stuff available to councils is much more effective. We'd also tried an ultrasonic repeller with no effect whatsoever. This year we have laid down mesh just below the floor of the run, so even if they do come back and dig under, they can't get up into the run. Touch wood - so far, no sign of them coming back. The council "rat lady" also told us that one of the main reasons why rats were becoming more common in gardens was the prevalence of decking. It's easy accommodation. When we built a summerhouse we backfilled the wooden base frame solidly with gravel leaving no voids for exactly that reason.
  15. ...and a portion of mature cheddar cheese on the side!
  16. Depending on budget, what about an experience day? http://www.redletterdays.co.uk/Experience/Kids
  17. OH bought me one of these a couple of years ago. http://www.torchdirect.co.uk/head-torch-range/led-lenser-h5-professional-head-torch.html Absolutely brilliant (no pun intended). Also use it when dog-dragging - it keeps you hands free and also has a red LED on the back for extra visibility. Takes standard AAA batteries rather than fiddly button cells. OH uses this company to supply his work, good to deal with. All the LED Lenser torches we've tried are excellent.
  18. Beautiful. Never tire of watching these, but haven't seen that one before. I'd posted this back in May http://vimeo.com/61487989, which is similar. Vimeo seems to be a good source of these HD videos.
  19. The Kingdom of Fife is (I believe) a much overlooked part of Scotland - and so easily bypassed in the rush for the Highlands. Beautiful coastal villages, lovely countryside, nice walking, plenty to do and see. OH spends a lot of time there with work (Diageo is one of his customers). We had some brilliant family holidays there. Weather is often better than on the west coast as well.
  20. We love Lakeland - never any customer service issues. We were up in the Lakes all last week and made the annual pilgrimage to their main shop in Windermere, including lunch in the cafe
  21. We've had a Dolce Gusto for about two years (the one that looks like a Kiwi bird). Really like it, I've settled on the Cappuccino as my favourite, OH loves the Chococino, as it's nowhere near as sweet as most. The peach tea is nice as well, especially iced.
  22. Couldn't honestly say what the problem might be, but I always use the Hairy Bikers recipe. http://www.waterstones.com/wat/images/special/pdf/hairy_bikers_drizzle.pdf Always works for me!
  23. Well, Enzo went into his box 21st October. About 5 days later, heard him scratching around, opened the box and this little wrinkled face was looking up at us as if to say, "I'm not tired yet!". So he got up again before finally succumbing last week. See you in the spring!
  24. Fortunately, our grey doesn't even seem to register fireworks... Or much else for that matter. I've heard good things about the Thundershirts, though. Made in America http://www.thundershirt.com/ and it looks like PaH are selling them at a reasonable price, which is unusual for American products over here!

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