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  1. Manuel, there is too much butter on those trays...


    No, no, no, Mr Fawlty, Uno, dos, tres...




    Sad, but some how I don't think he ever got over the stress of the "prank" pulled on him in 2008. Somehow I can't imagine people being so sad when Brand and Ross are no longer with us...

  2. Definitely try local tree surgeons, ask for HARDWOOD chippings. Much cleaner and lasts a lot longer, doesn't tend to go mouldy like softwood can. We pay about £35 for a large builders bag delivered, that's probably about 3/4 cubic metre. And never underestimate how much you'll need. General rule is work out what you think you'll need, double it, and you'll have finish up with about half as much as you want... :roll:

  3. Our Enzo is still out in the garden at the moment, but will start bringing him in at night now. He has an insulated/ventilated box which we keep in the (unheated) garage, packed with straw. We use an inside/outside vivarium thermometer to keep an eye on temperature. In warmer weather the box sits on the floor, when its colder it's lifted up off the floor and has a lamp alongside to provide some heat.

  4. Pretty much echos my first pair, which went back as Specsavers said that if you didn't get on with them, you could change them FOC (at the time). Second try was more successful, and I've been wearing them ever since. They aren't perfect ,but it is a lot better than having two pairs.


    Do give them a week at least before you decide, though. You will take a while to adapt as you need to get used to looking through a certain part of the lens depending on how far away you are looking. It's not easy at first, but you need to move your head more - particularly for side to side. Up and down is more done with eye movement as closer objects tend to be lower.

  5. As a fellow grey owner, I can echo your comments. Our Skipper is 10 (retired at 3, which is quite young) and is slowing down a bit. He's never been one for much exercise, one 15 minute walk a day is all he wants/needs (and turns his nose up at that if raining), plus the occasional wall of death run round the garden. He did walk to the top of Skiddaw in the lake district once, but then hid in bed when we got our boots on for the rest of the week.


    The only real changes we have made for Skipper are to add joint mobility chews to his treats and primrose oil capsules in his food for skin care. Food-wise he has a mix of wet food (Butchers) and kibble (Burgess Greyhound and Lurcher). Apart from a lack of teeth, he remains pretty healthy otherwise. He's been pretty much the same weight since we've had him - 32kg - and that hurts if it hits you at speed!


    Our last dog (a collie cross) get to 15 before we had to make the decision, he was helped significantly in his later years by the joint mobility chews I think they are the ones with green-lipped mussel in.

  6. Did that a very long time ago kicking an over inflated car tyre (don't ask). Finished up with a dinky little cast on it, but had to cut the front out of one of a pair of shoes to wear them.

  7. Others who know more will be along to answer most of those, but I can reassure you on the last comment. We have a tortoise and the hens take no notice whatsoever of him. Even though he can be quite quick when charged up (he's not called Enzo for nothing), I think they just look on him as a rock that moves occasionally. There's a separate thread on here relating to tortoises as well, if you're interested.

  8. As I see it, the problem is there is no precedent for this so there are no facts. Any politician, pundit or journalist who predicts that "X" will definitely happen or not happen is lying. It's just opinions, guesswork and scaremongering from both sides. It doesn't boil down to voting based on what either camp say will happen to immigration, the economy, trade agreements, etc. The vote is actually about the UK having the right to make its own decisions about these matters rather than those decisions being made by faceless bureaucrats in Brussels who we have no choice in electing.

  9. Unless he's taken YOUR car to the other repair shops, how can they possibly estimate it at £50? Even if he has a photo, you can't give an estimate from that. He's trying it on. It is upsetting but you need to call his bluff by asking for his insurance details.

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