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  1. The only thing worse than an over-enthusiastic school recorder band is a solo bagpiper, IMHO. It's an instrument best listened to through binoculars... A massed pipe band, however, is completely different!
  2. Thought it worth sharing this. We've used these guys for about a year for hens and supplies and have found them excellent in all respects. They've expanded to offer hen holidays now, plus have a specialist pet cremation service as well. They deserve the success as they have worked hard to achieve it! http://www.derbytelegraph.co.uk/pet-hen-holiday-Derbyshire-poultry-retreat/story-29199110-detail/story.html Also on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/sunnyside.poultry/?fref=nf
  3. Get one of these (or similar, depending on pressure washer make) http://www.amazon.co.uk/Karcher-350-Wide-Surface-Cleaner/dp/B00QM9N67C/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1459336064&sr=8-1&keywords=karcher+patio+cleaner Also works on walls.
  4. For pictures, it's best to upload to Photobucket, then include the links in your post so the photo appears automatically (but doesn't take up any space on the forum). Some instructions here http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=5&t=48619
  5. It's simply to make the show more saleable abroad - particularly in the USA.
  6. Trapped (the Icelandic one) has me hooked at the moment.
  7. Sounds like the chicken equivalent of Colditz! One other point I would make is that have a resident male dog does seem to keep foxes away. We have foxes round us, the garden backs onto fields, we see them even in the street late at night occasionally. Never any evidence of them coming in the garden though. I knew our daft useless retired greyhound would earn his keep somehow...
  8. Not much help as you didn't have one at the time, but having front and rear dash cams really help in this situation. I had a similar thing happen last year, where the other driver who didn't understand how merge in turn works (despite it being in the Highway Code) decided to drive up the footpath to block my way then jump out and give me a lot of abuse (as well as spitting his lunch over me). Got the whole thing on camera. Didn't bother taking it to the police as the general consensus is that they won't get involved unless an "offence" has been committed. However, I did get his company name on record as it was on his jacket. Wrote to his companies head office enclosing the footage. Received a very nice call from one of their directors explaining that they had spoken to him about it (even though it was on his lunch break and in his own car) and that he no longer worked for them. They basically gave him the option of resign or be sacked.
  9. We buried one of ours. Our pet rabbit dug her up again after a few months...
  10. Current favourite McCoys grilled steak ridged. Used to love Brannigans Roast Beef and Mustard but haven't seen any for years. And I know it's out of scope here, but home made cheesy nachos...
  11. One other thought - if you're not already, try switching to Burgess Excel food. It's good at keeping teeth under control and also prevents selective feeding (which you can get on some mixed foods).
  12. Tooth problem; possibly an abscess would by my guess, which would need antibiotics. Sounds like the vet may not be that well clued up on small furries, so may be worth getting a different opinion. Have a look on https://www.theguineapigforum.co.uk/ for more advice as well, plus try some of Peter Gurney's info (if you can track it down on the interweb) as he was pretty much the expert in all things GP.
  13. Yes, I would always want a receipt - especially for fuel, and that has to be a VAT one as its for company use. Slightly related - before the carrier bag charges came in and someone asked whether we wanted a bag for the multiple items just purchased, the response "No, I think I'll juggle all my purchases back to the car" usually had the desired effect...
  14. 2016 is not going well so far. Can we skip it and go straight to 2017?
  15. Upgraded ours from Win7 to 10 about 4 weeks ago. No problems so far, everything works as it did. Computer also boots up a bit quicker. If you do it allow plenty of time, though. Don't start at 9pm like I did!
  16. Apparently, such a thing does exist. In South America, at least. However, they are notoriously hard to milk and tend to lay down when you try it...
  17. For what it's worth, seeing as you're in Derby, if you want hard wood chips try Eden Tree Care near Ashby. We've had a few loads from them, very reasonably priced at £30/tonne bag. http://www.edentreecare.com/logs-and-woodchip/ Just make sure you specify hard wood and say it's for chickens.
  18. Try this http://www.screwfix.com/p/vistalux-corrugated-asb-3-pvc-sheet-eavesfillers-white-680-x-650mm-pk-24/31599
  19. Why, Oh Why, Does Everything Beep?! Well, it's probably better than having everything swearing at you?...
  20. ...Easter eggs start appearing in the shops...
  21. We had the same problem with our Eglu Go and run. It stands on a bed of woodchips about 4in deep and they burrowed about 6ft laterally under that (from the field beyond the back wall) to come up under the house. Took the whole thing up, dug it over to collapse tunnels and laid a bed of 1in sq weldmesh down then replaced the run and put a layer of woodchip on top. They haven't got through that, although they probably would with chicken wire. They have tried tunnelling under once since but gave up as they couldn't get up into the run.
  22. Definitely pets, just one that have a useful byproduct and are immensely entertaining!

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