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  1. There's a seller on eBay who sells these ready built into containers http://www.ebay.co.uk/usr/remmag2001?_trksid=p2047675.l2559
  2. I was hoovering out the car yesterday morning with the front garage door open when Enzo decided to get up again and made a beeline for the sunshine Had to put him back in his greenhouse in the garden again Will leave him there for now.
  3. A home trust transfers ownership of the property into a trust, which can't (after a time, usually 7 years) be considered as an asset. We were advised to set this up for my parents house after dad died in 2004, primarily because he had always taken care of everything regarding bills and management and this meant that Mum didn't have to - the trust dealt with it, i.e, me. She's now in care with Alzheimer's and Vascular Dementia. She has to pay a proportion towards care (based on savings, until a minimum limit is reached) but the house cannot be touched. One of her neighbours is in a similar position, but her family have just been forced to sell the house by the county council to pay for her care.
  4. We had one of each with our Eglu. Lovely birds, regular layers. However, both stopped laying after 18-20 months. Not to sure whether that's normal or not.
  5. Have you also considered a hometrust to protect the property against future claims of care payment?
  6. What annoys me more is when journalists seem unable to write acronyms or abbreviations correctly. One paper (mentioning no names but.... DM) now seems to go out of its way to do this, just to annoy readers. Nasa instead of NASA, Darpa instead of DARPA, Unesco instead of UNESCO, you get the drift. Even the BBC got it wrong last week with Nasa - when I pointed it out to them, their response was "it's a social media thing"... No it's not, it's sheer bl***y ignorance and/or laziness.
  7. He does that himself as he has free range of the garden all through the summer. Can usually tell when he stops eating when we don't trip over "surprises" on the lawn anymore! Plus he ignores dandelion heads which are his favourite.
  8. During the cold spell a couple of weeks ago, Enzo came in at night then we put him out in the day. Occasionally, we had some "mess" but he was on a tiled floor so it was never too bad, provided the dog didn't walk through it He did occasionally walk through the lounge as well but has never left anything on the carpet! For the last week or so he's been staying outside in his greenhouse, but we bought him in last night and put his box in the garage so that he didn't get warm again. Having checked back through his diary, he's remarkably consistent, having hibernated between 27th October and 4th November for the last 6 years.
  9. Arrrggghhhh!!!!!! I'm beginning to think that the world is inhabited by idiots. We've advertised a Hotpoint fridge freezer twice now on Gumtree and I can't believe how some people behave. We have had:- People asking if we can deliver (when the ad says collection only) People asking what the price is (when it's in the ad) People asking whether we can reduce the price (when we've already reduced it twice) People who say they are definitely interested then don't respond to emails or calls People who say they are interested then can't be bothered to let you know when they change their minds. One guy who emailed, was definitely interested, who confirmed he could pick up as he was local, left me his mobile number, arranged to come round on Sunday afternoon (so we stayed in to wait) then never turned up and now won't respond to calls or emails. The advert is full and accurate, with photos, etc; it's only had three months use (as a backup) so is almost new. We didn't even register the 5 year warranty. We've reduced the price twice down to £120 (cost £285) just to clear the space it's taking up. How hard can it be???
  10. You could use clear or opaque (for shade) plastic corrugated sheeting on the roof and drill it into wood battens held on the inside of the mesh to clamp it in place. Or drill it and cable tie it to the wire (that would leave hole that a small amount of water would get through, though).
  11. We were worried the first winter we had Enzo as he was already an adult when we got him, but they know better than we do when it's time! On the weight front, check the Jackson Ratio comparing weight to length as per this http://www.tortoisetrust.org/articles/measuring.htm. That will confirm that they are a safe weight to hibernate successfully. During autumn wind-down, Enzo goes outside by day and in at night. Ours goes in an insulated ventilated box with straw in the garage. We keep an indoor/outdoor thermometer with the box and aim to keep the inside temperature at 3-5 celsius. Depending on the weather, that is done by either having the box on the floor when it's warm, taking it off the floor when colder or pointing an anglepoise lamp at the box from various distances if the garage gets much below freezing.
  12. Sounds like the woodchip you have is either softwood or has a lot of bark in it? Hardwood chips shouldn't have this problem. I've never experienced it but believe it can cause respiratory issues.
  13. Brilliant, and so true. I know ours is a greyhound rather than a lurcher, but we can identify with all of that (except the squirrel; he doesn't chase anything, which is probably why he was retired from racing at 3 years).
  14. The question about build quality came up before. I've not had a Classic, just the Go. OH's take on it was that - because the Go has more flat surfaces than the Classic - when you lean on it you'll see more flex in the material. He did it hard enough once to put a small crack in the top by the hole for the door control, but it's never caused any problems. Other than that, the quality should be equal.
  15. The one who likes standing on one leg could be called Featherstone?
  16. We have our Go on a bed of hardwood chips about 4 inches deep, with a 25mm square steel mesh about an inch below the surface, dished slightly so that it meets the skirt of the run at the edges. That was added a couple of years ago when rats tunnelled in and has been completely successful in that respect. The girls scratch around over the mesh quite happily, exposing the mesh occasionally so we top up with more woodchip. With the mesh being rigid it can't lift so there's been no issue with trapping toes, but a plastic mesh in the same position might lift enough to form a trapping point?
  17. Our Poppy had about 18 months on her own after Scramble died. She seemed fine with it, although she did have some company from Flash the rabbit during that time when they were both out in the garden together.
  18. We know it well, it's the road from Ambleside up to the Kirkstone Pass. And yes, it is fun to drive in winter!
  19. Both of ours have been laying like clockwork until this week, when one has become erratic (not sure which one it is though). Then, after only one yesterday morning, we found this lying on the lawn. They had been out FR in the evening and this must have popped out as she was on her way back in at about 9pm. We had one similar earlier in the week, but the colouring wasn't as pronounced as this. The shell seems as strong as the normal ones and is about the same size (photo makes it look bigger). The other side is almost normal colour. Any thoughts?
  20. Have a read of the other reviews linked at the bottom of the page as well.
  21. http://www.sunnysidepoultry.co.uk/ have some very nice hybrids, ours have been brilliant since we got them in May. Not too far from you, I believe, as they are in Burton Upon Trent?

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