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  1. Our Go has a small crack on the edge of the door control hole where OH leant on it. I can see where they might be considered more fragile than the classic as the flat surfaces would be more prone to cracking than the curved ones assuming that the material is indeed the same. The convex shape would make it stronger to outside loading.
  2. Just spotted that story on the DM and was about to post it! Loved it!
  3. I can't remember off hand where the settings are on Photobucket, but I'm pretty sure that the best size for forums is 640x480?
  4. Having already been to Iceland in February, we can't wait to go back! We were recommended to go back in May to see the contrasts as June/July can apparently be cloudier.
  5. Spoke too soon. Bluebells now pretty much trashed, turns out they do like the leaves, but mostly the bugs that like to live around the bottom of the stems... Egg production pretty much went straight to two eggs a day. Mostly between 40 and 50 grammes, until this morning. No wonder Fidget was making a racket! That's an 80 gram egg, more than 50% bigger than yesterdays!
  6. Lost an old friend last night. Flash came to us back in 2010 when his owner emigrated. He'd stayed with us before that as well when she went on holiday. We don't know exactly how old he was, but it was at least 8 or 9. He'd been very healthy until recently and deteriorated quite quickly, the vet suspected a tumour in the base of his ear in his skull. Of all the small furries we've had over the years, he was without doubt the biggest character of the lot. We'll miss the little ball-bonking, football playing, chicken chasing, tool stealing, plant-destroying rascal hugely. RIP Flash.
  7. Only when trampling through them to get at something tasty!
  8. OH went out this morning to let the girls out and found Enzo stranded on his back He was about a metre from where he normally digs himself in overnight; that spot is covered by a plastic rabbit house for extra protection - the house was a bit further away and there was hedge debris scattered around. Don't know how long he was like that, he was tucked in at 11 last night when last checked. He was well tucked into his shell but popped his head out at the sound of OH's voice. Bought him in to check him over, there's no obvious sign of damage or injury. Then he promptly pee'd all over the kitchen floor! Left him inside for a bit then put him back in his greenhouse with a supply of fresh water. Just crossing everything and hoping there's no internal damage done Guessing it might be a curious fox - we do back onto farmland but we've not seen one for years, (probably due to having a male greyhound...) although there was no sign of any activity round the Eglu.
  9. Yay! First egg appeared yesterday whilst we were at work. Only about 45mm long so too small for the egg spiral, but perfectly formed. Not sure which one laid it 'cos both were looking smug!
  10. The local dog walk just near our house
  11. Flash rabbit is about 8 or 9 now, we don't know for sure as we inherited him from a friend who emigrated. Most dwarf lops seem to suffer problems with teeth, ears or eyes and - although we're pretty sure he's deaf - he's not had any other problems at all. He's also hilarious. Loves to play football (he "loves" that as well). He's got a small toy elephant that he runs around with, carrying it in his mouth. He goes in the garage and re-arranges tools when OH is working on his motorbikes. Also likes to shred newspaper and carry it off round the garden and inside the house.
  12. It was the girls first day out today, free ranging the garden. Flash rabbit was quick into making introductions, which included a good does of "bunny loving" for Fidget before we chased him off. They have already worked out that gardening means lots of lovely worms and bugs.
  13. There's a number of eBay sellers who provide mixed bags of seeds for tortoise-friendly plants http://www.ebay.co.uk/sch/Pet-Supplies-/1281/i.html?_from=R40&_nkw=tortoise+mix+seeds
  14. Agreed. It's an exercise in PC box ticking and trying to keep up with other channels. And just what is this obsession with having to fill programmes with so-called "celebrities" all the time...
  15. Three party leaders gone in one go. Who would have predicted that?
  16. I don't mind it, per se, but just get fed up with the endless speculations (based on little information) simply because they have nothing else to report. The outcome will be whatever the populace have voted for, irrespective of what they waffle on about. By all means give regular updates, but to fill the schedule is a bit OTT, IMHO. Plus I think that all opinion polls need to be banned in the last week before an election...
  17. Courtesy of the nice folks at Sunnyside poultry. Welcome to Tikka (the darker one) and Fidget, both Gold Star Rangers. We were going to get an Amber Star as well, but they weren't happy enough with their condition to release them for sale.
  18. Another tortoise story. Sadly, this is a good reason not to hibernate outdoors or in insecure accommodation, but at least the outcome was reasonably positive. http://www.boredpanda.com/90-year-old-tortoise-wheels-twice-as-fast-jude-ryder-wales/
  19. Digressing slightly, how about owning one of these? http://www.boredpanda.com/elderly-man-walking-pet-african-spurred-tortoise-sulcata-tokyo-japan/ Just hope he doesn't get tired and need carrying home!
  20. Love the jag one! Some car manufacturers do well with creative ads, Honda particularly. I love the current one - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U8VlX4Ekk80 There's a different version for the cinema that incorporates the Pearl and Dean music as well And an old favourite from about 5 years ago -
  21. One of the things we did for Enzo originally was set up an anglepoise lamp with a reflector bulb in, on the floor in the kitchen. He soon figured out that sitting under it was good for recharging. Outdoors, we made him a small house, which is more like a cold frame, with a clear plastic top and solid sides. That heats up the ground and he can wander in and out as he wants, he knows it's always dry there. Last year though, he took to sleeping under the conifer at the top of the garden. Couldn't figure it out until we realised that it's the first spot in the garden to get the sun in the morning. Torts are smart!
  22. Enzo has been up for just over a week, enjoying the good weather. Just bringing him in at night if it's looking a bit chilly. Took a few days before he ate anything, but the dandelions have come into flower at just the right time for him.
  23. Has anyone any experience with buying chooks from Sunnyside Poultry in Burton Upon Trent? Just about to get some new girls and came across them in a search for local suppliers. Had a quick look round last weekend, seemed all OK, but didn't have anything to directly compare them with. http://www.sunnysidepoultry.co.uk/
  24. 1) Ricky Gervais 2) Frankie Boyle 3) Catherine Tate 4) Tony Bliar 5) Anyone who has ever been, is currently, has ambitions to be, or ever will be in any type of "talent" show, "reality" show or "recurring drama" (AKA soap).
  25. We had the same problem, could only find bark or softwood. Someone suggested trying local tree surgeons - that did the trick. They had plenty of hardwood chippings available.

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