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  1. Sorry forgot to say, Chronicle is the evening newspaper for the Tyne and Wear area (Gateshead, Newcastle, Sunderland), Journal is the morning paper for the same area - both belong to the same company.
  2. Hi Guys Well I should have guessed that you lot would have picked up on our local Gateshead horror story already - thanks Kate for moving my little post to this thread of concerned and extremely active citizens. You have all, and especially Poet, been amazing. I have of course signed the petition. I rang the MP's office before I found out you had already done that sort of thing. Anyway, latest update is that they can't find anyone who has made a complaint, although the council insist that the reason for the threatened eviction is that complaints have been made. Since I'm on the doorstep I'll see if I can get an appointment to see someone in the relevant council department. Interestingly, when I rang our council (Newcastle) before starting my website and publicising that I had hens in central Jesmond all the relevant departments (environment health, planning etc) came up with the same message that the small number of hens I was talking about would be regarded by them as pets and not livestock. If anyone else has any ideas about campaigning and needs a local person to do something then just contact me. I've already got a caution for a protest years ago, so it wouldn't be as bad for me to get arrested again as someone with a clean sheet (I have to get a special visa if I want to visit USA!) I'm thinking about perhaps going to the council offices with a poster saying TWO HENS ARE PETS NOT LIVESTOCK. Anyway, keep up all the good work letter writing, emailing, telephoning etc - the other thing I heard in the phone call to the MP's office this morning is that the council seems unaware of the strength of feeling and didn't realise it was being covered in the media.
  3. Hi guys We've got a very sad situation up here in the north east. An elderly couple in Gateshead who grow their own food and keep bees and 2 hens are being threatened with eviction unless they get rid of their hens - they are refusing to give up their hens. http://www.journallive.co.uk/north-east-news/todays-news/2009/03/18/support-flies-in-for-chicken-row-couple-61634-23168848/ Anyway, there is a Downing Street Petition to abolish by-laws which prohibit people from keeping hens in their gardens (it does exclude cockerals!) If any of you would like to sign you can find it at http://petitions.number10.gov.uk/GardenPoultry/
  4. Hi Website is www.citychicken.co.uk If you click on my profile then it's there as well - warning, revamping of site is not yet complete!
  5. Well Wayne (don't they have some dreadful names!) was a 3/4 lab, 1/4 golden retriever, but looked like a very large but slim black lab, was great and passed his advanced training with flying colours but then had an epileptic fit just before moving to his prospective owner. He was started on medication and hasn't had a fit since (well the last I heard that is) and is now a very happy adopted pet in Yorkshire. My next one was a very sweet golden retriever called Margie and she's currently in Glasgow and will hopefully be paired up with her new owner and working in January. She had lots of noise sensitivity and adaptation problems, so wasn't the most straightforward puppy, but had lots of good qualities as well and after weeks of daily trips to coffee shops etc she improved enough to go to Forfar for advanced training and she really blossomed there with increased confidence and is doing very well with the final part of her training. Current one is a black lab called Briar and she's 8 mths old and just starting her terrrible teens, but is a nice sound, confident dog. I'll have a go at posting some photos tomorrow - assuming I can remember how to do it!
  6. I was thrilled to see you've made the leap to FARMER Lesley. Assume you've had piggies in your 2 yrs but have eaten them. I've been trying to buy some land but without success and we've now decided to stick with our current house and allotment plots and just do a load of eco things to the house - got to spend the saved up land money on something! I'm getting involved with Transition Initiative Newcastle up here and spreading the word about having a couple of hens in a small back yard and growing food in small spaces. Doris became a star when we gave a talk as part of Roberto Perez's tour of England. He was most interested to hear how we do urban hens over here and has taken back to Cuba the tip about recycling egg shells back into the hens - they've had problems with soft shelled eggs over there. And I also told him about the forum, so we might be getting some Cuban visitors.
  7. Wow - have I really been away that long or have you just been getting lots of hens and omlet housing very quickly! Hope you're enjoying life as a hen keeper
  8. Hi Guys It's been ages since I've been on the forum, but it's lovely to see so many familiar avatars and names - and isn't the forum bigger and better than ever now For those who remember me, I'm now on my 3rd Guide Dog puppy and have been given a lilac cube by my beloved for my 50th birthday back in September. I'm hoping to be welcoming 5 hens from BHWT before Christmas to join my current 3 Girls. I now have a full allotment plot and we are getting towards self-sufficiency in fruit and veg, aided by the greenhouse that now fills the bit of the back yard not taken up by the hen run. There is still just about room to hang out washing and sit out. We're hoping Newcastle is going to turn into a Transition Town one day and I'm spreading the message about keeping urban hens. The pink eglu is being kept so I can use it for talks on hens, and Doris is getting very good at sitting quietly and being held while I do a talk. My website is undergoing major changes to reflect the new emphasis on urban hens having an important role to play in combating climate change - so do check it out and let me know what you think. I don't do a forum anymore on my website - I just send all my contacts over here! As I say in my talks, this is an incredibly friendly forum, open to everyone - not just eglu owners, full of advice about everything you're ever likely to want to know about keeping hens, and you often get a reply to a query within minutes. So well done all you overworked mods and keep up the good work.
  9. It is much better if Mindy comes off herself to eat, drink and poop, but you may need to keep a close watch to check if she is doing it. If not, but she looks too well in the photo not to be looking after herself, then you'll have to intervene but once a day will do. If at all possible then just leave her to brood with as little intervention as possible for the 28ish days.
  10. Worth a try Lesley - some ducks are good brooders and mums. If she does get bored but the eggs are still warmish, then try finishing them off in an incubator or borrow a broody - I'm sure there are plenty around this time of year within travelling distance. I've hatched ducks under hens and it's no problem - but it would be lovely if Mindy could do it herself
  11. I hope Dora is settling down now and that you all have a good night's sleep. Great to see you back Kaz - hope you are all mended now
  12. I have had experience of 'sudden death' in my pre-eglu days - I think you and the family can be reassured that it was almost certainly sudden and with no suffering. Best wishes to you all
  13. Martin! As my Grandma would have said "wash your mouth out with soap"!!!!!!
  14. Sorry to hear your news Tracey I think the waiting period for tests can be the worst - all the horrid things it can be churn round in your mind - but hopefully it will turn out to be very treatable. Try not to worry about your job - the law is there to protect you
  15. Do keep posting updates on the farm - it makes me feel all nostalgic - loved the image of the piggies in their muddy wallow And yes, good idea about the board training - you'll be amazed at how quickly the piggies get too heavy to pick up or push around

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