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  1. Sarah will be very sadly missed. My boys still remember camping at Alvecote Wood and her and Stephen using their bat detector to follow the different species of bats! She fought her illness with such determination and bravery and never let it stop her living a very full life. Rest easy Sarah, with all our love. 🙁
  2. Speaking as an Occupational Health Nurse Please don't see a referral to OH as a bad thing - we are there to assess health and provide advice to management on fitness to return to work yes, but we are impartial and are very much there to support the employee, signpost them to additional support services and flag to management where they have been going wrong if the stress is work related. It is also a mistake to believe that you cannot be sacked or disciplined if you are off sick and if you refuse to go to OH you can be seen as being uncooperative and that will go against you. On the other hand, they are more likely to be supportive if you do attend OH and work with us. You should always be offered the choice to view the OH report before if goes to your manager, but only to correct factual inaccuracies, not to change the OH Nurses professional opinion. If you really do disagree with what they say, you can withdraw consent to release the report. PM me if you want any more specific advice.
  3. How lovely! It's great to see you again
  4. If I work from home I use the ironing board, then I can raise or lower it. I stay awake better if I work standing.
  5. They are so cute! Such a shame they grow up so quickly though. Skye seemed to be a poopy for all of 5 minutes before turning into a big smelly hound!
  6. Thats a good idea! I was more annoyed that they bled outside the lines though! And I've looked at them again in better light and the colours are very faded, almost watercolour like. They are obviously for a very different use and on a different kind of paper. Never mind, at least i can stop lusting after them now.
  7. Spectrum Noir pens - avoid like the plague! Tried them on a blank piece of paper - very nice, able to blend colours to a degree. Tried them in my book - they 'bled' outside the lines and went through to the back of the page. Not a good idea to try them in my lovely Johanna Basford book!
  8. We also have a lone hen. My plan is to buy a couple more, but I am in the process of rearranging the run so can't do it yet. Stanley is about 4 years old, but she seems happy enough pootling around on her own for now. She lives with the ducks, but in the daytime she also comes in the house and sits with us. She is much more friendly now, she didn't want to know us when she had chicken company!
  9. OK, I've succumbed and ordered a pack of 6 Spectrum Noir pens. Found a pack for £5.50 on eBay, free postage. I figured this way I can buy them in dribs and drabs and him indoors will never notice
  10. Lots of new starts! Good luck everyone, and well done for making the change, you will all be happier for it I am sure! xx
  11. Had another mooch around WHSmith again yesterday. Picked up a lovely book - Enchanted Forest by Johanna Basford. All trees, leaves, real and fairytale critters, with a lovely big fold out dragon at the end. It's really pretty! Plus an Art Nouveau book and some Staedtler pens with a slightly wider tip. Had a look at the posh colouring pens but baulked at £2.49 each. Will stick to kids felt tips for now!
  12. Blimey! It soon adds up doesn't it? Well it arrived bright and early this morning - the delivery man wanted to know if it was a run for velociraptors. He didn't know how close he was! Will be a few more weeks before i can get it built though. Need to empty and dismantle a shed, then put the run in it's place. Will keep you posted
  13. Good point about covers, I must go and amend my order!
  14. Yep! Have ordered it with two doors so I can get in from the outside, and so they have a door that can be opened onto their section of the 'garden'.
  15. It's a great excuse to browse and buy isn't it? I've always had a slight obsession with stationary, now i can finally indulge it!

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