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  1. Thanks so much for the replies. I still haven't decided what to do but it is food for thought! Is the Classic now being sold the same quality as the original does anyone know?
  2. This topic has been done to death, I know...Sorry! Background - had a Classic back in the day - 19 years ago! One of the first to get one, loved it. Moved house and it wasn't suitable for the garden so purchases a Mk1 Cube. I love this hen house! 12 years and still going strong. It has 3mtr run which is fine. I've only ever kept 2/3 hens as its all I want / need for the area's I've had. Moved house again and have a smaller garden now. I have concreted 4.5 x 2.5mtr area which the Cube has been on quite happily. There is literally 1.5 mtr gap around this. The original idea was to have 2x2 walk in run & 2mtr cube run. However, now I'm in the position to do this I'm not so sure. I love sitting in bed and looking out at the garden & hens but to have the walk in run with cube, I'll have to have the cube facing the other way so not clear to see them doing their thing, it looks like my small garden is even smaller as it cuts the garden eyeline in half and I have to look at the back of the cube - not so pretty. My other option is walk in run with either a Classic or Go Up? I loved the Classic when I had one and probably would have kept it if garden no2 was suitable. As it's on concrete, I'm not overly worried about rats burrowing underneath and 'living in the base' (does this really happen!) but hens living on the ground - seems a bit alien to me now. I've never seen a Go Up but I'm aware the quality isn't as good as the Mk1 Cube or Classic. However, it is off the floor which I love about the Cube. So my question is, keep the cube and 3 meter run, still enough for 3 and abandon the walk in run idea or walk in run with a Classic? Or seriously think about the GoUp? I'm sure they are brilliant, just not what I'm used to. I don't have enough storage here to keep the Cube (I have seriously thought about this!). Any thoughts?
  3. I eat free range chicken, I get my ‘other’ meat products from a good local butcher who gets (some) of his meat direct from a farm about 30 miles away. I normally eat vegetarian when out, after quizzing the waitresses for ages about where the products have come from. I find it almost a challenge to see if they know anything about the product they sell. I’d love to have birds and pigs for the table, but we don’t have the room. I’d still like to experience what it’s like to cull a bird – just to see if I could. Is that wrong?
  4. Feel a bit silly asking this one but... Is there a Super Grub? In the descriptions of grubs under Classic and Cubes they state that they hold different amounts of food, but I've never seen a 'Super Grub' like you would a 'Super Glug'. More curious than anything else...
  5. I really dislike people that make such comments! I believe your mom has a great life (well it sounds great to me!!). I know several 'older' ladies that enjoy baking, aerobics, cycling, gardening, campaigning, sewing - oh the list is endless! I can't wait to retire to 'get a life'. You're mom sounds great. I love the sound of the pudding, but I'm still mastering cookies at the moment to move onto anything else!
  6. Mine is my white star (I think) Rose. She was chosen by the other half. I find her flighty, hard to pick up (I rarely do anyway) and doesn't even take sweetcorn if I'm holding the pot
  7. I use an 'under bed' storage container with a few holes poked in the bottom...without the lid Nice bright pink. My ladies perch on the sides of this too.
  8. It is very distressing when dog attacks happen. I know Tommy can be quite unfriendly if he's on lead, especially towards SBT's (he has been attacked a couple of times) but is fine off lead. I will always put him back on lead if I see other dogs are. I wish people would take more responsibility over their dogs & I wish 'some' dog owners would realise the difference between friendly play and aggressiveness!
  9. Ivy did the first time she got on it, but now they all jump up - it's quite funny watching them jostle for position
  10. Sorry to read this...an awful way to loose a flock Hope you had some help in sorting this... ((hugs))
  11. I’ve been worrying about my ladies being bored after being moved from grass to woodchip over Winter, so taking inspiration from here I made a swing over the weekend http://i1098.photobucket.com/albums/g379/LisaCora/Chooks/DSC_0040-1-2-1.jpg The photo shows Ivy, my top hen, having a swing as soon as it was put up. Its a bit blurred because I didn't want her to think I was spying on her ... She has now allowed the other two to join her
  12. All these pictures of Bantams! I hope I dont get struck down with morehens disease
  13. That is the cutest thing I've seen for a long while!! Congrats...
  14. I also thought the Cube was huge when I first put it up. I have a small garden and was thinking to myslef I'll never be able to keep hens again and burst into tears! OH told me to calm down and leave it up for a few days before I made any 'rash' decisions. Two days later I'd got used to it. Next day I bought a 1mtr extension. Within a week I have three hens
  15. Oh Teabag! I'm another stranger wishing you well - my thoughts are with you this morning. What an awful thing to have happened...Life is such a precious thing taken for granted by too many... Big (((((hugs))))) to you and your family. xx

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