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  1. I have found one of my girls negotiating the stairs before. Hubbies not very good at remembering to shut the back door and they often wander in the kitchen or lounge. They rarely poop on the floor.
  2. Put it on the calendar to remind yourself to worm in the future. I always find that I think I've done it recently but then find it's ages ago. A reminder is always helpful.
  3. What lovely photos! Definately worms, flubenvet will sort without vet appointment. Once you've treated you will need to redo, after a while. The instructions tell you when. As for the lice, can 't help you there as I've never experienced those but you'll be able to buy something. I wouldn't rush to the vets as it can get very expensive very quickly if you go with simple to cure problems. Hope you get sorted soon!
  4. I think Charlie has water belly. She had sour crop and we cleared her of that and has started laying again but her stomach is becoming more bloated. I feel she is probably coming to an end as she is a 3 1/2 year old hybrid, now living on her own, and seems to be fighting one thing after the next. She did lay today which was a surprise, but has started to breathe quickly and her heart is racing. I'm not going and try to have a vet drain her because I think her time is up but I don't want her suffering. Is there anything I can do to make her more comfortable in herself, and at what point should I take her to the vet so that she's not suffering?
  5. I emptied the crop about 3or4 times a day. Just allow a little drink as she will drink loads if allowed and it doesn't help. I gave the yoghurt after I'd emptied the crop each time to get rid of the bad bacteria.
  6. I've had that problem, you assume yours girls will lay then they let you down. Did once find my son giving them a good squeeze!
  7. You need to separate, if you let her feed then she won't get rid of the problem. Think you should be able to feel if the crop is impacted by massaging it. Mine too are pets, making her sick was easy and no problem as long as you sit her up after each time of being sick.
  8. Stop feeding for at least 24hours, restrict water and keep massaging crop upside down to empty it. Make sure you let her breathe in between making her sick. Then feed biotic yoghurt, syring it in if she won't take it. Keep repeating several times a day til crop cleared. Hope she's better soon, mine got better though it took a while as I let her feed too soon when sour crop wasn't gone.
  9. My girl is completely better now, it took a while and she lost a lot of weight but she is now back to full health, eating like a trooper and has just started laying again. Amazing improvement as she was on the point of fading away and was extremely ill.
  10. I like the way the other hens were running round the pool as if they were racing her! but then when she leapt out it looked like they were all on a mission!
  11. Have you checked her crop. My girl started a bit like that and it turned out to be sour crop. Her crop wasn't emptying and she had stopped eating and looked very down. Good news is she has made a brilliant recovery since.
  12. My bluebelle is so greedy and her crop is often huge. It's a wonder she doesn't fall over some days.
  13. I agree, I'm afraid. The waddle and position sounds like it.
  14. My girl sounds exactly the same. Had sour crop, thought she was ok again, had started to eat again , just pellets and poos gradually returned but quite a few also yellow and smelly. She's not really ill like she was but she's not right in herself. How's your girl now tinnkletoes ? Are you any further with a diagnosis?
  15. Are nutri drops similar to poultry tonic?

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