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  1. I have got an eglu classic and was wondering what you put on the pull out litter tray (if anything) and when you say bedding do people mean for the nest boxes, i probaly sound stupid but i now have everything other than bedding and litter materials and chickens
  2. Im going to get it out of the box again and take a photo and try to send it to Omlet somehow, this is a new venture for me keeping chickens and the first thing i bought (the eglu classic) and im worried its faulty, and im worried about getting anything else until im totally happy the chickens home is right for them
  3. Mmm yes thats why i queried it in the first place because i was under the same impression that it had to be above the birds!!!!!! Not worried about the door as much just the bottom part
  4. Thank you so much i will now continue down my shopping list of things to get before i actually get some chicens
  5. Sorry if this is not the right place for this question, i have just bought an eglu classic and was wondering if it is normal to have a gap where the top of the eglu(coloured bit) fits to the grey base, the gap is about 1cm and its on the arch bit at the side and also when the door is shut the gap at the side of that is about 1cm also, i spoke to Omlet and they said its normal but im a bit concerened about draughts when its windy, any help would be appreciated?

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