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  1. I appreciate this is a slightly impossible question but, from personal experience, has anyone found certain breeds of cockerel quieter than others? I’m moving house in the coming months and we’ll be lucky enough to have a few acres to play with. I’m so excited to find myself a beautiful big cockerel look after my ladies and have been looking at jersey giants / brahmas as an option (open to suggestions). I know every one will be different and it isn’t a huge problem but if anyone has found a particular breed much quieter / louder I’d be interested to know! Thanks in advance xx
  2. Our appointment got cancelled for an emergency case ☹️ Going to have to wait until next week so just keeping fingers crossed for now x
  3. She’s booked on for tomorrow morning unless they get a cancellation tomorrow 🤞 I’ll let you know how she gets on... Thankyou everyone for such quick responses xx
  4. Thanks, I’ll give them a call again tomorrow... her head isn’t swollen as such but the red bit at the top of her beak (no idea what it’s called, sorry!) is really quite swollen
  5. Thanks for replying, I have tried bathing it a couple of times just with warm water, she seemed to quite enjoy it actually (she’s a very cuddly chicken, my little girl has done a remarkable job of taming her!) so I’ll try with tea tree too, at least that will help with any infection etc too 🤷‍♀️
  6. Hi everyone, my banty marans is having a bit of a nasal problem, it doesn’t look very nice at all, almost as if it’s blocked up and really swollen. She’s okay otherwise, eating well, laying well, interacting with my other 3 as usual... My local vets is only taking emergency cases at the moment so I’m at a bit of a loss and any advice would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Ooh she does look like the New Hampshire bantam (they’re also both bantams). The other is a cream legbar x welsummer, I’m pretty sure the red one wasn’t a welsummer 🤔
  8. (The red/ginger one) I brought these two lovely ladies home last week, my little girl keeps asking me what breed they are and I can’t for the life of me remember what the red one is!
  9. Thanks, I did have an auracana but the lady I bought her from doesn’t breed chickens any more. Interesting re the pekin, I’ve always had them down as rubbish layers but I might give one a go!
  10. We’ve got a bit of morehens going on here, my small flock is now down to 2 following the loss of my oldest lady last month. I’m really struggling to find any bantams for sale nearby (North East Derbyshire), does anyone know of anything?! I’m not fussy, I have a bantam Marans and a Sulmtaler (not sure of spelling) so something of a similar size, I’d like something that will lay a decent amount of eggs though so that rules out the silkies and pekins which seem to be the only thing for sale around here! Thanks in advance for any recommendations xx
  11. Sultana, one of my little banty hens, has a very swollen eye. She's not very happy, sitting around etc although she is still eating and drinking. I've a feeling a cat may have had hold of her, there's one that's been bothering them recently and Sultana is the skittish one so probably a bit more fun to chase. The ends of her feathers on a clump at the back of her beck were also matted together a bit, it reminded me of my daughters her when she's been sucking it (!) which made me think something's had hold of her. I've scrubbed out the hen house, put mite powder everywhere just in case and will be worming them as soon as the flubenvet arrives, I've cleaned her eye with cooled boiled water although it wasn't really mucky anyway. Is there anything else I can do? Her other eye is completely fine, the other 2 hens are perfectly fine, no one has runny noses or anything. I've left her outside for now so as not to stress her out unnecessarily, they have ample space, the other girls are leaving her alone and she's getting in to roost okay too
  12. Thankyou all! Lots of ideas there. The grass is still looking good a couple of days on so fingers crossed!
  13. Thankyou for all of the ideas! I shall start creating next weekend if the sun shines! Hopefully there will still be some grass left, these 3 don't seem to be bothered about scratching about on the lawn so I thought they might give it a chance, time will tell... I was thinking along the lines of another 2 or 3 banties, I think hubby would have something to say if I appeared with a dozen new hens!

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