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  1. Well done to you ! Have you got your new girls yet ? Please tell us how they are getting on . Jackie x
  2. They are just lovely and Columbine black tails. Lovely deep conker colours. April is slightly lighter. It is the second day over with and hardly any screaming from the old girls and Ruby and April gave been as good as gold. .. It's been a good day .i hope I have not spoken too soon Jackie
  3. Today my friend and I went to a farm near Windsor and I came home with these two lovely girls . They are at the moment and for a week or two separate from the others and it is looking good even though Bonny and Blossom two of my old girls have been a bit vocal. It has quietened down at the moment ,they probably have sore throats. They are about 17 weeks old and are doing fine. Ruby and April. Jackie x
  4. Hi flowerpot, I mix some of their pellets with warm water . It goes like a porridge . They love it . Jackie x
  5. Gavlojak I am tempted to get ex commercial but not sure where to get them in my area. After taking on my friends Chalkhill blue who had been bullied and featherless and seeing her become fully feathered it was very rewarding .she is now a stunning girl ( if she would start laying again) As from my posts above I am supposed to be getting two new girls Monday but could be tempted.
  6. I have my 4 lovely girls and my oldest the lovely Clover is about 5 and still laying , bluebell the youngest who we have had a year is the other that is laying. The other two in the middle at the moment are free loaders. I have been thinking about it for a while but kept changing my mind as my heart was ruling my head. The reason I was dithering was because the 4 get on so well ( most of the time ) and I did not want to upset the apple cart but realise that there is never a right time . Well finally my heart has won I want to get them while the days are short as I find the introductions seem to go easier ( famous last words) I am going with my friend on Monday to a farm a few miles away to hopefully get two new girls. I am hoping to get another Bluebell and another ginger girl as I love both their characters , but of course things could change. 6 will be the most I have ever had so it's a bit of a challenge and as there are only two of us living in the house I will be over run hopefully with I have not told the old girls yet , exciting times ahead once again . Jackie x
  7. Me too .It is easy and if my girls are sleeping where they are happiest then so be it .. Jackie x
  8. I have a recycled plastic coup and have had it for 2 years with no problems at all. Never heard of any toxic problems and changed from wood after an infestation of red mite . Jackie
  9. I have 4 girls and only the youngest little bluebell is laying 5 a week .. The others are free loaders .they do deserve a rest though.
  10. That is great news ..well done Maggie ! You are now well and truly hooked. Just in case food and water can't be shared 2 bowls can be useful. My 4 often won't share . Love the name Helga. We love photos . Jackie x
  11. I have a small plastic dog kennel which I use for new girls. It cost me about £30 . It slots together and comes apart easily for cleaning . One of my girls lays her eggs in there now. I have a couple of old towels on top at the moment with plastic over . I wanted to remove it ready for the next newbies but bluebell made such a fuss. Jackie x
  12. Thank you both for your replies, I have wiped it all out twice yesterday and last night I put a duvet over the top . It does not seem quite so bad but I will keep on as suggested by you both . I will put plastic over the top today. This is the first problem I have had with it in two years .The reason I got it was my wooden one had red mite .. damp V red mite . I would rather have the damp I think although I know it can be harmful. Jackie x
  13. I have had my Solway coup now for 2 years with never a problem but cleaning out the coup this morning realised on the inside of the roof was a fair bit of condensation . There is of course ventilation so what can I do to help avoid this? Any suggestions on bedding that would help instead of wood chippongs? It does not seem to be on the inside of the nest boxes is this why they are all snuggled up in there at night? One of my girls likes sleeping in the little plastic dog kennel and there is none in there . Jackie x
  14. After 4 years of chicken keeping we had rats last year . It scared me to death as I thought the neighbours would think it was the chickens. We got our local rat man out from the council and he was great , put bait boxes down out of the chickens way and traced where the rats were coming from . It turned out that they had a nest under a neighbours decking . PHEW . He said that it was not the chickens that attracted them but if food is left out then of course they would come. He also mentioned bird food left out in people's gardens which he said was also an attraction. You mentioned that you back on to a field. We have a wood at the bottom of our garden so rats must be every where . I am lucky my OH loves the chickens so there would be no arguments in our house about them . Sadly if your OH is not keen then he will use the rats as an excuse. Just keep the rat poison up and make sure that they are not coming from a neighbours garden . Don't blame yourself . Jackie x
  15. Hi again,, I think you have to have 5 posts., but I am sure that some one will say if I am wrong . ..we love pictures Greens are great ,you can hang a cabbage up for instance and they will peck away for ages once they have decided that it's not alien ,or just picked off left over leaves spinach , chard and beetroot leaves mine love . Mine don't like white cabbage ( fussy) I don't give mine lettuce as it tends to give them runny poo Late afternoon Mine have corn which I throw down and they love sunflower hearts which are cheap and you can get from £ shops and are cheaper than meal worms which they also love. I hope this helps . Jackie x

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