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  1. Wow folks, what a great bunch of replies - thanks very much indeed. I'm tending towards the house sitter thing right now - got a couple of friends that might do that, but I've got a superb selection of options there. Thanks again!
  2. Well our first birds are settled in, and we're loving the fun and the eggs. Now my thoughts are turning to our next holiday in the Autumn, and how to get holiday cover. We have a friend nearby who will look after them, but if she's away we're a bit stuffed. How do poeople get holiday cover? Has anyone paid a local kid, or used other cunning devices to make it an attractive post?
  3. I've been thinking about the electric fencing too - I reckon a couple of shocks off that for the dog is fine; hardly a major trauma compared to getting your head bitten off!
  4. God beach chick, that must have been a hell of a shock. We've taken both dogs to meet the chickens now, and so far so good. We'll do a lot more on-lead introducing before letting them off, but for now the dogs are interested but not excited, which is a good sign. Thanks for your help.
  5. That's great advice henchanted, thank you very much. Since today is cleaning day in the run, I might just see what our older dog thinks of the chooks.
  6. We got our chooks a week ago and are starting free ranging them now. The trouble is, we have 2 terriers who don't know anything about the birds yet (although I'm convinced they suspect something!). I think the older dog will be OK with them, although we're not going to leave him alone with them, but the 1 year old is mental, and could be a real liability. Has anyone dealt with introducing 'energetic' dogs to chickens before, and do you have any tips that could help us? Thanks a lot
  7. Heh, what you can't see are all the weeds, which have the grass outnumbered 8:1
  8. Seeing as our most bolshy chook, Chatty has been virtually throwing herself against the door of the run for the last 2 days, and the girls have been with us for 4 days now, we decided to have a go at free ranging tonight. They went out at 8pm, all except Scoot, who is either just a little nervous or agoraphobic We went back out at 9.30, which is still early dusk up here and 2 had returned to the run, the 2 confident chooks were still wandering about, but are easy to pick up as they don't panic and leg it when you go near them like the others (is this because of the breed - Isa Browns - or just that they're a little more mature?) However, one enterprising chook had jumped the fence. The good news was she was trying to get back to the run and we herded her in after 5 minutes of fun. Mission complete! Here they are...
  9. Thank you all We've had a couple of real scorchers here the last couple of days and it has actually been a relief to go into the run and out of the heat of the day. From greenhouse to coolhouse!
  10. Hey thanks jennym - as a total beginner I'm chuffed about that. When I started thinking about having chickens I suddenly realised how perfect the unused corner of our wild garden was for it. We've even got a little lean-to shed for feed, bedding etc. It has suddenly made that area come alive, and how! ANH - noted on the Stalosan, thanks for the tip.
  11. Oh, meant to say your WIR pics have inspired me. Next stage of development is chicken ladders and springboards! (although after last night getting the high roosters down from the plank in the rafters I reckon we'll be keeping it all lower level!)
  12. Howdy - thanks a lot for the tips - I love this board! The soil is super dry and dusty and the birds were rolling around in it for the first few days, loving their dust bath. That has tailed off a bit and I'm wondering if it's because there is poo in the soil. One thought I had was that I could riddle the dusty soil on the big weekly cleanout to get the worst poo out of it. Should I use Stalosan in the soil bed or is it best left to its own devices? Discovered yesterday that chickens like bolted rocket in a very big way.
  13. I've not got any bedding on the soil bit because it's super-dry soil and any bedding would just get mixed in. I suspect in time all the dry dust soil will be removed and we'll have to replace it with bark or something that the poo will wash through. I'm guessing anyway.
  14. It should be OK to clean I think - at least the central concrete section will be. I'm not sure what will happen with the side beds over time, I'm guessing they're going to get very full of poo and we'll have to skim off the top layer of poo/soil. But, big news, first egg this morning! On their first morning here! After the palaver getting them into their coop last night, I reckon it was just reward.

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