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  1. Poached fruit like plums or peaches. Just cut up the fruit place into a saucepan with water sugar and vanilla seed and poach until the fruit is soft.
  2. Made pistachio cupcakes yesterday
  3. I have made lemon cupcakes, plum compote and whole meal bread is rising
  4. Same here! I did Paul Hollywoods ones but tweaked them a bit. I added almost 2 tsps of mixed spice instead of one of cinnamon, and I baked the for 15 min instead of the 20 odd mins he says - mine were slightly too dark! I would leave out the apple next time too. Apart from that, they are yum! Rose beautifully and are ally soft. And here!!!
  5. The yeast might have reacted with warmth in air or something
  6. Put it in a compote? Or cakes?
  7. Blueberry cupcakes with lemon icing yesterday
  8. I've got olive oil bread dough rising
  9. Sticky toffee cupcakes with salted caramel buttercream

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