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  1. my Grandmother once told me that in Peru they coil up a piece of something flammable light the end and put (the unlighted end) in their ear... Sounds a bit dangerous to me!!!! Hope you get better soon, earaches are a pain in..... well... the ear!!! Katy PS sorry about that!
  2. I've made my paper birdie from her book, Kirstie Allsop's CRAFT. It is purple with it's own little blue twig! I never knew what newspaper could be "up cycled" into!!! It's so much fun though!!! Katy
  3. Those are so cool. I think I'll start building my solar panel now... Katy
  4. That's so I wish I knew how to knit.... Katy
  5. I've made a purple Kistie bird sat on it's own little blue twig.... Only colours of tissue I had!!! Katy
  6. Hummingbird cake for bro's birthday and yesterday finished icing 65 cupcakes for schools Compassion Cake sale. We made £242!!! Katy
  7. Col here too... -5 this morning bighting up to a -1 this afternoon. Sunny though and less wind than yesterday. But dry do no frost....
  8. Sounds soo yummy... Maybe one for the weekend!!! Katy
  9. They are sooo cool!! Katy
  10. Burnt butter cupcakes for older brother to take back to boarding school... He left his suits behind!!!
  11. Thats amazing!! I think I would go mad after knittin about my first square!!!! Very impressed!!! Katy
  12. They are cool!!! I've been playing about with my needle felting kit off Santa!!There not very good but have a book called "wool pets" which has chickens in so i'm going to make them.... When I can brave it!!! Katy
  13. Thats sooo pretty.... I really want to make one one year!!! Katy
  14. WOW!!! That's soooo pretty!!!
  15. mince pies, brandy butter, lemon mousse stuffing (sage, potato and apple).... the mad Christmas cook has started!!! Katy
  16. congrats !!! Enjoy Christmas!!!
  17. There are bags of them in tescos... at least there were!!! Katy
  18. (yesterday) Lemon and poppy seed cake and fig and almond biscotti... Katy
  19. Went Christmas shopping with my Dad this morning for my Mum's stocking... I'm supposed to be baking all my presents so I'd better start sometime.... We have mangaed to buy all Birthday presents for before Christmas but ! cousion on Boxind day and I'm on New Years... Katy

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