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  1. Thank you We kept tring to move her today and if this does't work she'll go in a broody box.... Although someone did tell me to dunk thier bottom in cold water?? Katy
  2. Arrh yes I made about 6 and then, when a friend gave it to me the other week my Mum threw it away after day 2... She said she needed the bowl.... Katy
  3. Tilly the stayed on the nesting box all day today, not even coming out for grapes or corn. Has she gone broody What should I do as I don't have space for any chicks!!!! Thank you Katy
  4. I agree I'd love to make one... maybe new year? Yes it was the ones with the quails eggs but I did it in a loaf tin and with no eggs... Katy
  5. Chocolate and vanilla cupcakes ( two differnt lots not the same one!!!) Katy
  6. It's on again tonight!!! A robin sounds awesome!!! Would recommend the Christmas cake ... Katy
  7. WOW!!! I made the pork pie it was YUMMY!!! Katy
  8. gone off strawbs and some grapes all of which went to the girls Katy
  9. It is on tonight at 8 on channel 4 Katy
  10. I've made 6 cards so far.... Katy
  11. TONIGHT!!! Extra hour in bed in the morning YAY!!!! Katy
  12. So far am planning fig and almond biscotti, ginger biscuits, magno chuntey, chocolate truffles, oat biscuits, nougat, marshmallows etc... ALL from book "gifts from the kitchen" except Marshmallows! need to cakes and mincemeat.. Katy Split from the 2010 thread as it warrants a life of its own. - Egluntyne
  13. WOW!! I put choclate fingers round mine and just decorate it like a normal cupcake. Do you have one of those moulds? I don't have one but it may be going on the christmas list!!!! Katy
  14. Yes they look really good Katy
  15. Thanks ClaireG I'll make some then Katy
  16. Her Christmas cake is in the oven I really want to make those rings they look soo pretty!! Katy

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