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  1. If you made chutney now will it keep til Christmas, that is if you can keep people off it cos I want to make a mango one for my brother's christmas Pressie... My fav. is red onion but i've never made chutney of any kind before... Katy
  2. When I took it out of the oven my new glasses (as of today) all steamed up... they'll take some getting used to!! Katy
  3. I was about to say are they EVER as neat as the pictures?!? but then I saw yours!!! It's AMAZING!!!!! Mary Berry baking coming up!!! Katy
  4. Kistie Allsopp's CHristmas cake off her new series I'm trying not to eat them.... (they are sooo yummy! ) And nougat.... Must not eat... must not eat.... Katy PS
  5. Personally I dont think you should EVER just go for a quick look on here either... You'll end up wanting one too Vickichicky i am very VERY of her she is sooooo pretty Katy
  6. to the parrot!! but it is very naughty of you Cheaky Chook No but one of my brothers likes Clover best as she was the first one who would let him pick her up and the other one likes Henrietta best as she escapes the most and causes the most mischef!!!!
  7. My mum and me were ghoing to go to hobby craft this morning to buy some stuff for Christmas but the car broke down Katy
  8. I have bought the ingredents for the pork pies... now need to find some time (and a way of keeping brothers off them as they set ummm....!!) Katy
  9. Made double dark chocolate, pecan and ginger cookies as a thank for loking after the hens while we were away on the weekend... They didn't get very many.... They forgot to take the eggs so I had MASSES!!! Katy
  10. Still cross cos Wales should have been in the final Katy
  11. Have fun with your girls!! Happy Birthday!!! Katy
  12. VERY VER VERY VERY Harsh ,but technically right. Have left my Dad trying to be calm... WALES!!!! Katy
  13. I thought this one was the last... But YAY Katy
  14. You can't walk on the lawn as it's covered in yew berries, leaves and beech nuts You have to put multiple jumpers on You have to put the chooks to bed and give them extra corn You lways expecting tomorrow to be the first day of frost... Katy
  15. Yes they are doing all the techincal bakes and hopefully a few more too!!! Katy
  16. I'm soooo excited!!! Will have to start making cards/ pressies!! *Hurries off to find sewing book!!*
  17. HELP!! How should I keep my chooks/ winter proofed... If this winter is anything like the last one I don't want my chooks frezzing!! Thanks in advance... Katy
  18. Our Kenwood does all of our mixing, beating, whisking everything really!!! I love it! Katy
  19. Made a chocolate and vanilla sponge tired cake for a friends Birthday. Decorated with white and milk malteasers, Pink Smarties and crumbled flakes.. It looks sooooo yummy!!! not that i've tried any Katy

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