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  1. Or give them oyster shell grit Katy
  2. Master class repeat is on At 3:35 today!!! Katy
  3. Rachel Allen Home Cooking, I haven't made it but It sounds good!! Katy
  4. If you keep the food inside or in a shed (we keep ours in the shed in a metal dustbin) you should be fine. We've only just got ours and are completely loving it!!! get them ASAP!!! Katy
  5. I use mine to make choclate and peanut butter cookies... Not that I like them but my brothers are very good at eating them all up!!! Katy
  6. My cousin is 10 and we couldn't stop him reading "The boy in a dress" on holiday even thogh he never normally reads... Don't know who its by but know its about a boy who finds he likes wearing dresses and loves football Hope this helps Katy
  7. Mine have 1 and I've seen them all trying to eat/ drink from one 1 hole at the same time!!! They have a 2m and FR all day. Katy
  8. I've already watched the 1st one 3 times!!! There is a repeat on Sunday mornings as well....
  9. My is doing this too, she's not off colour and she laid an egg this morning...
  10. YAY!!!! Another egg from Tilly!! It was still warm!!! Well done Tilly !!!!
  11. Thank you !! Katy got the egg, well they are her chooks really, she was the one who wanted them... but so happy we did!!! No more eggs yet though.... hoping for more soon!!!
  12. YAY!!!!!!!!!! My first egg!!!!!! I went out and looked at 4 and there was an egg in the nest box!!!!!! Well done Tilly !!!!! We left them in the run until 11 this am so they could fill up on layers pellets, thanks for all your help!!!
  13. Thanks we will try that... Found Tilly in the nesting box this evening though.... for an Thanks for all your help!!!
  14. Tilly laid another softie on the litter tray today... but i saw her sitting in the nesting box this morning so at least she knows where it is... Hoping to get a good one soon
  15. I want to blow the egg and keep the shell We bought some oyster shell so I hope that might slove my problem I post you pictures when its laid, I can't wait!!!!!
  16. Tilly (the ) has laid another egg! but it was another soft shelled one! It was her best yet by far though!! I'm hoping for a really good one soon The egg looked soooooooo fresh, I can't wait to eat one soon.... She laid it outside again, but 2 in one day
  17. Thanks for your help... We had another softie from Tilly the pepperpot today, she laided it on the roosting bars in the eglu but it fell though and cracked. We bought them some osyter shell grit so hopefully we'll get some nice one soon... AND in the nesting box!!
  18. Thanks for the help! We had our first egg today!! It was soft shelled and laided outside, not even in the run though... I hoping for a better one soon... I tell you when we get a better one!!
  19. Help!! One of my chickens seems to have taken up residence in the nesting box! She sleeps there every night in the Eglu... Has anyone else had this problem, what should I do? Also any advice on catching chickens, they're faster than I am!!

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