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  1. The vanilla salt is amazing! I put it in custards etc
  2. There's quite a few of us then And here!
  3. Here you go http://www.thepinkwhisk.co.uk/2012/12/day-12-christmas-scones.html Looks yummy! Thank you
  4. Yep it's from "the pink whisk" and they're a bit like fruit scones but more Christmassy... I don't know how to do a link
  5. Give it a good shake before blowing to break up the yolk. Make sure you cover the holes though!!!!
  6. I did a roasted veg and couscous stredul from the great british bake off gently crush sugar cubes and use as decoration on a loaf cake or cut an orange in half stick a sugar cube in the middle and eat. Equal quantities of preserving sugar and fruit to make jam

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