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  1. Congratulations!! Sorry don't know about the cot...
  2. I agree it doesn't feel the same with adverts every couple of minutes does it
  3. Well done Emma!! and your OH!
  4. yay first eggs are the most exciting thing!!!
  5. well done! Good luck with the other shows
  6. churros con chocolate are very very yummy I have had them for dessert and they are good . Also good for dinner parties as it involes dipping...
  7. Rain, rain and more rain Well... if you will live in Valhalla!
  8. So agree. I've never stopped laughing at chickens running. They look like ladies running for the bus with their tights falling down I totally agree!!!
  9. Ooh I shall be making these! They all sound lovely!! thank you
  10. Does anyone have any great recipes for picnics Thank you
  11. I really like mine... Don't know where them from though sorry...
  12. Oh I really want to make that! sound so good !!
  13. I watched! The right person went. I got really cross when one of the union jack cakes didn't have the red diagonals! The blackbird cake was well.... Interesting I thought she was tring a bit too hard. Salt instead of sugar was just stupid( sorry) Katy
  14. After a couple of lovely days it's raining like mad here

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