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  1. Those are beautiful!!! Me too!!
  2. Will post it when I get a chance! it's a recipe from the Heston at home cookbook.
  3. that's great news! agree with mimi5 hope she keeps progressing strongly!
  4. How exciting!!! Am very as I really want some new girls !! Have fun with your newbies!!
  5. I use a watering can too. I can barely lift the grub around the garden let alone a full glug!! As long as they have food water and somewhere to lay eggs that's fine for me!
  6. I had a French teacher ( I was in set 4 ) who came into every lesson telling us all how rubbish we were and that she didn't know why she bothered. I didn't do very well in French ! Also my teachers wanted me to do biology, but I told them I'd faint and so they let me do chemistry instead ( which I wanted because it was like cooking!)
  7. It's French because a Frenchman invented the modern Olympics I think don't know about badminton sorry
  8. Great picture! I don't think my girls are anywhere near brave enough to try coffee!
  9. Fried ( I can't say CHICKEN!!!!! again!!!)
  10. Raspberry and passion fruit sweets
  11. My Sussex star is my most friendly hen. She lays really well and is always happy to be picked up. Lovely girl. I've no experience with bluebells, even though I wanted one
  12. 24 degrees here!! Children complaining too hot for fruit picking!!!

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