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  1. Its been lovely here today! Makes you know it's exam time doesn't it! Revision Katy
  2. Yesterday I made spiced nuts, crystallised nuts and chocolate and ginger cakes for brothers doing AS's and revising for 1st year uni exams... I'm dreading all of this Katy
  3. I have a mild case of it... If you can't get Blephasol use watered down baby shampoo, but blephasol is better My optician was really helpful... Katy
  4. I have one of their books and really like it but the recipes for icing are twice the amount I like!! Katy
  5. Ok we'll get some flubenvet tomorrow. What do I need to do, never done it before Katy
  6. Thanks I'll try and get her this evening! (after everything is cleared!!! ) Katy
  7. Wow, they are so sweet Amazing knitting! Katy
  8. Tilly, my pepperpot , has a really messy bottom all around her vent. All the feathers are clumping together and the remains of are all on them. Is it anything to worry about, or does she just need her knickers washing! Thank you, Katy
  9. I couldn't stand that at 5am!!! If it were mine, it would be changed pretty quickly. My cousins' cat is so fat it wouldn't be able to get it's paw though the door!!! Katy
  10. Made pizzas, with ciabatta dough, so made a ciabatta too!! Katy
  11. Made chocolate cupcakes with caramel icing and sprinkled with chopped up flake. Really yummy, but very sweet!!! Katy
  12. The bars are from Rachel's favourite food at home by Rachel Allen and the marshmallows are Heston at home. Katy
  13. I'm always scared that my 3 will get their heads stuck or something awful!!! Whenever we move it you can see where the fence was and where their necks could reach too!!! Katy
  14. Pineapple Marshmallows and chewy seedy apricot school bars for bother to take back to collage with him Katy
  15. Planted peas, mongetou and fennel today. The soil is lovely, I'm saying it's the chicken p but I don't think my Dad agrees Katy

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