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  1. Happy Easter! Trying to be restrained re chocolate here!!!
  2. The Buche de Noel I make uses this, it's a Mary Berry recipe, not very seasonal though!
  3. went on a cookery course today and made quiche Lorraine and apple galette, which our own rough puff and shortcrust pastry. Katy
  4. In "making" magazine this month there is a course on learning to spin wool on the 4th of April... www.giggiangladrag.co.uk Katy
  5. I make marmalade pop overs or apple, normally I weigh out ingredients the evening before then mix up in the morning Katy
  6. I'm learning to knit....You're not getting any pictures at the moment!!! Katy
  7. They're white treat cup.... But have too be careful, last time I was trying to do this Tilly jumped up at me and I jumped so high I dropped corn everywhere!!! Katy
  8. Ahh, they are so sweet and look just like Henrietta (speckled) and Clover (Light Sussex) did when they were littler!!! Sorry no name ideas.. Katy
  9. I love your cupcakes!!! Much better than any of my attempts of felting! I'm making a needle felted landscape quilt type thing in school... One of them is in the style of Van Gough's Starry night! Katy
  10. Yum! Did you make the cupcake in one of those special moulds? I love the flowers, really pretty! Katy
  11. I use one from "gifts from the kitchen" which is lemon and passion fruit Yesterday, being a welsh girl, I made welsh cakes. Happy St. David's Day!!! Katy
  12. A Heston recipe of 5 spiced duck breast and yesterday made Ruth (off Great British Bake off 1)'s Boy bait Katy
  13. Airports freak me out, so does going to the doctors.... Not the dentist though..... My friend did a talk on phobias in school and she read out some of them like the phobia of chins and of being followed by a duck!!!! Katy
  14. Can I have instructions then please?!?! Katy
  15. The Cath Kidston books have good ideas for floral patterns.... They're really pretty Katy
  16. WOW!!! It would be a scarecrow!!! Katy
  17. Today biscuits, Yesterday black bottom Cupcakes (chocolate cupcake with cheesecake topping! )! Half term means lots of baking, I ran out of !!!! Katy

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