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  1. I remember reading this in a friends paper. How are they doing? well i hope.
  2. You need guinea fowl, they love ticks and would hoover them up no probs not only that they are beautiful to look at, and their eggs are suppost to be a delicasy.
  3. Yes thats the one, sorry have no idea how to do links.
  4. Yorkshire ideas please, was the thread around a month ago, with lots of ideas you could use. Hope this helps.
  5. I rented a house near Manchester airport for a short period. It had double glazing and secondery glazing, was very small, just an old terrace 2 up and down. I lived there with my baby son and his father. I smelt a couple of times, someone walking past with a strong perfume on, (or thats what it seemed like) the way it hits you, then drifts away, think it smelt like lavander. This only happened when i sat in the arm chair. I thought of allsorts, it wasnt when i'd just sat down, so a smell didnt waft up, there was no one but me and son in house, no drafts. I didnt tell a sole. I came home from shoping with son one day, my partner was stould in the kitchen and said "something really weird happened today, i was sat in the arm chair", i knew the rest!!
  6. i get paws under the covers....the nails then ping out either into my feet or my bottom, is my usual reaction at that time in the morning,just so he can have his early morning feed, which is anywhere between 3-5am!! If i dont play his "game" i will get rodents or birds brought in Ive tried feeding him last thing at night, ignoring him, locking him in...result for this is anything on surfaces ends up on the floor, curtains climbed, wall paper peeled etc so ive found its best to just remember im his staff and get on with it
  7. Thanks scubababe, tried the unshreaded paper, soon gets shreded . Good idea with the netting, they possibly wouldnt be able to get their beaks through those holes, but dont think it would stop a rat or other slinky intruder.

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