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  1. Sounds lovely, do we get to see a pic of it? hope you all enjoy his birthday.
  2. Thanks for that idea scubababe, unfortunatly have already tried this, what happened with me is the girls used to drag it out of the cube around the garden, i also caught them eating it!!
  3. I am very sorry to hear this. I have always wondered why the "drain holes" are so large and unguarded. At the moment i only have tape over the nest box hole to keep the shavings in. What does everyone else do?
  4. Thanks guys, i see it now. Looked at that before but thought it was a cushion or something!!
  5. i can second that bantambabe, many times we look across and are , its a great place to camp, we usually go to newbrough beach, or red warf bay.
  6. Im sorry guys, think im a bit slow, im just not seeing it in the family pic.
  7. Try second hand shops, or what about a childs/babys room wardrobes. Or if you know someone whos handy, you could work with the roof and build one to fit.
  8. I'm a cleaning lady!!dont think i could make the commute though My friend and i charge £10 p/h, thats about average for around here. Check out adverts in shops, post office, paper, internet, but word of mouth is best, then you have a good idea of who you are letting into you home. Always get references, check them, anyone who has nothing to hide wont mind. But dont forget the taller they are, the higher they reach!!! Good luck with your search.
  9. When my boy crows, his sister stands next to him and does a doodle doo, doodle doo, she hasnt managed the cockle yet!!

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