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  1. York has a fantastic park and ride bus service and regular, perhaps you could stay outside and bus in? If you have kids i'd suggest the Jourvik centre, the York dungon (sorry spelling bad at mo, having a senior moment), boat trip which is near the dungons. If not the shambles is a must and the minster, theres also a an old house round round the back of the minster, who's name escapes me that a roman legion is suppost to be seen marching through the cellar.
  2. Well done her . My son wasnt aloud to take his ventolin inhalor into primary school, not even to be put in a locked cupboard until my GP sent a letter. So unfortunatly nothing suprises me.
  3. Chicken Shack my 14 yr DD is off school today because of migraine, her symptoms sound just like yours. Until around 12, she had the abdo migraines, since then they have gone to the head. Good and bad stress seem to set if off, today she should have been going on the train with friends and exchange students to the cinema then pizza hut (not done this before and was really looking forward)instead she is in dark room, being sick in great pain!!! We have tried tablets, but they didnt seem to work(carnt remember there name off hand)might see if the GP will send us to Chester (thanks for the list of referal places witchazel) as sometimes she can have 2-3PW, others she can go months, and is quite poorly for 1-2 days after.
  4. I used to use it and found it really good until they started eating it!!
  5. Thanks Miss Millie, i thought of doing this, but they seem to go under there to keep out of the rain, rather than on perches, so i'm thinking would it soon fill of poop? Thanks so much for your ideas, keep um comming.
  6. Please could you give me some ideas on how to keep the dust bath from going soggy in the rain. Untill the fox issue a couple of weeks ago, they used the flower beds. I've now bought the shallow, large trug tub and thought half play sand, half soil with a slpash of DE. Most of the run is covered with a tarp but rain still gets under. Thanks for reading and thanks in advance for your ideas!
  7. I love Borage, it is blue flowering (lots of) and re-seeds itself, plus the hens seem to leave it, bees love it.

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