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  1. GOOD LUCK, i do hope everything goes well. {{{Hugs}}}.
  2. Good news is DD is feeling better now, and has gone back to school today. Think she wants to look at hens at the end of the month, so thats a possative. Thanks agin for all you thoughts and messages.xx
  3. I am so pleased for you, and relieved. My friend who's fields mine used to FR in also herd a female fox last night screeming for a mate. Good luck for the future of your hens FR
  4. Take 2 to Mr Fox = 1432 RIP Florrie, Tigger & Ghana the Guinea fowl
  5. Bless you all, and thank you so much for your kind words and thoughts. No, no snow, which is lucky really as i went in the fields this am, and right at the back of next doors garden, hidden in brambles was Ghanas feathers , i suppose she was sort of caged in, in a way surrounded by brambles. I also saw thin tracks of trampled down grass, my friend who owns the fields does have a dog, but i'm not sure if he comes down this far (the back of our house), would a dog use the same tracks, or is this the work of Mr Fox? Ghana would of been 1 in June, Tigger would have been 2 in May and i think florrie wasnt quite 1. DD seems to be hanging in there well, she is in bed at the moment with a bone acheing, nose streaming cold . I asked her if she would like a couple more, she just looked and shrugged her shoulders and said "i think Rocky would like a couple more ladies", anyway i thought i'd put my feelers out and called a good local breeder, she has nothing till the end of the month which gives us time to think. Many Thanks Again
  6. Lol , same with the lads here, Dogmother.
  7. Nothing, gutted, so is DD, she went looking in the fields today for feathers, but nothing. Hard to believe Mr Fox got Ghana, as she was a nervous soul, and flew off, or made a hell of a noise about anything different. I will have a good look in the fields tomorrow, and maybe if i dont find evidence of Mr Fox, i'll put a lost poster up in the post office..... Desperate here and clutching at straws.
  8. Well we are we have nothing here apart from rain...until yesterday we had all the work of frozen waters for chickens, ducks, horses etc, but non of the pleasure, saying that though, snow for a couple of days is bareable, then it becomes a pain with what it leaves behind, ice, slush, accidents etc.
  9. Nothing, DD is holding it together at the mo (they are hers really). Again have closed cube and left run open. If its not persisting down tomorrow will go and look in my friends fields that join are garden (we have a small stream separating us), but that doesnt stop the girls hopping over. Not let poor Rocky or Winnie out to FR today Thanks for your kind words.x
  10. Ghana, Tigger and Florrie didnt come back last night from FR in field backing on to us, nothing yet today, DD is taking it well so far, Rocky hasnt stopped calling for them, bless him, not let him and Winnie out of run. Oh dear, think will have to look in field for left evidence. I know i prob shouldn't let them FR on their own, but touch wood everyone here seems to have been ok up until us last night.
  11. Always think that there is someone worse off than you, thats what kept me goin,g and my YS at the time. I was pregnant with my husbands child, ended up in a womens refuge for 22weeks, lost my house (was reposessed) hubbie got in contact with YS dad (dad, ha ha) so he took me throught the courts while i was pregnant, with the hearing for access which he did'nt want, and thank god didnt get when DD was 3mts. Also had divorce going on during pregnancy. Had to take new baby back to refugue for 6 weeks, living with all types of people, plus police searchs through my posessions because of what others were up to. No money, no job, friends miles away. Family even further. You'll get through it. All i will say is, if you need to dont put off going to seek help from your GP. I was fine thank god, but there is no shame asking for help from whatever source. Good luck.xx
  12. Haved you rolled a glass over the rash?, does it dissapear when you do,? if not get to hospital asap. Or are you imunised against german measles/rubella? Hope it is non of these and you are feeling better today.
  13. Not a sniff of snow here, and doesnt look likely. DD is
  14. Hi there, I found newspaper in the nesting box in my cube, covered in shreded paper great until they started eating it. I then decided to cover the hole in the nest box with newspaper with pet grade shavings ontop, this worked great until they started ripping the paper up and shavings were everywhere . Now i parcel tape vent in N/B, and use shavings 2/3 inch deep. In the trays i use newspaper, yes it can get damp, i tend to change every 2/3 days. If its v.cold i will put a layer of shavings ontop. Once a week all is taken apart and washed. Or wiped if hose is off like today.
  15. No snow here, v.cold though. Daughter keeps praying for snow, has been revving up and greasing her sledge since November. Last year she had her 1st sledge age 13 and was so enthusiastic it only lasted an hr or so and the shops were sold out , out came the feed bags once more. This year she has been fully prepared with 2 ready to go and not a sniff .As for snow shovels, great for horse poop scooping and muck heap maintenance .

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