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  1. I always looked on Miss Piggy as a super model .Think she's a better role model than some of the others. Loved the ad, thanks for sharing .
  2. Hi there chook keeper, what do use to block the nestbox with? one of my little banties gets bullied from the others and has taken to nesting on the bars in the omlet run. What i was thinking was block the box off and put her in there to have some peace from the others. What do you guys think, feel i need to do something incase it gets colder.
  3. lesley crowther (think he presented it)
  4. What about the corrona pop that used to be delivered door to door?!
  5. Hi, could someone tell me how tro make the run icon in my signature. Many Thanks
  6. Rosco's (think thats how its spelt, was only a child, & could have been regional to Stockport area) think it was a sort of DIY centre, remember going there with my dad and the smell of the wood being cut to size.
  7. I was really quite nervous letting the banties and hen FR with my cat as he is a hunter. I kept them in the run for a week or two for them to see each other safely. When i let them out i put the cat on a lead for a couple of supervised meets. They seemed fine together, and touch wood have been ok since (1 yr now). As for other cats with them, non would dare come in our garden, but i have read of cats being atacked by full grown hens.
  8. Oh i'm so pleased its not just me having this problem, there is many an evening when i repetedly say very rude words to the tele. Wind and rain seem to upset my signal the most, so in winter when you can't get in the garden, it's book time, rude words or twiddle thumbs, and yes i've begrudingly justy paid the £145.50 if you please for interupted signal, no signal and pixalating signal. A couple of good picture channels without repeats would do me.
  9. I took mine to the council recycling.
  10. one of my banties stands next to our lad and when he does the cock a doodle do, she doodle do's twice. Think it would be rare for her to change sex, as if i remember correctly they have to carry a certain gene which is quite rare, otherwise the hens in battery farms etc would be changing. I could poss be wrong and wait to be corrected please.

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