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  1. Thank you, I do feel sad every time I look out at the empty run. They were lovely ladies! Can't believe they've both gone this year.
  2. Just to update, she had 4 months on her own and seemed happy, pottering around the garden and sitting in plant pots but in the last few days became very unwell, which the vet thinks might have been a tumour in her stomach, so we said goodbye to Rosie Hen last night and she's off to the big chicken coop in the sky to join her pal Snowflake.
  3. Just to update - it's been 3 weeks and she is fine! Eating, drinking, preening, dustbathing and no pacing around or vocalising. Maybe it's cos me and the dogs are out in the garden a lot so she has company. I'm not going to rush to add more hens at the moment.
  4. thanks Beantree - yes I am keeping a close eye on her but need to decide whether to get another two or find her a new home, and if I get another two how to manage the introductions as I don't have two coops but I could split the run in some way.
  5. thank you - I will do and I will make a decision on what to do for her soon, just feeling a bit sad tonight
  6. Sadly this evening I have had to say goodbye to my original hen Snowflake who was 5 1/2 years old. After a bout of illness a month ago I treated her and then she enjoyed her final month at our new home and garden but started to go downhill again yesterday. So I am now left with a lone hen who is 2 years old and wanted to know how long I can leave her before deciding what to do about companions.
  7. Thank you everyone! She has had a check up tonight and is doing really well, clear crop and the abdomen end less swollen.
  8. Thank you for your advice, its about 10ml of liquid to get into her so thats why I think the vet advised the feeding tube. I will look on youtube for the syringe method as I could do that on my own. Really appreciate you getting back to me. She's definitely brighter today and eating again.
  9. Anyone in the Whitchurch, Bristol area who can assist me with getting medicines into Chicken Snowflake tomorrow? Or if you know any chicken keepers who might be willing to help me. Its a 2 person job, one to hold her as I have to get a metal tube into her stomach to get the meds straight in. She is being treated for sour crop and peritonitis, and I am buying her extra time with the latter I think but it's important to me that she is not in pain and comfortable until next weeks vet appointment.
  10. Have just left my girl at the vets with what sounds the same. I only noticed yesterday that she wasn't eating and the bulge was definitely more noticeable today. I am hoping she pulls through but she is 5 and a half. I love her though as she was one of my originals and is a bit "evil". I only have one other hen (Rosie) who seems to be a bit lonely already.
  11. YES! I am training my rescue dog on a lead and he was driving me mad the other day pulling, when he had been so good recently. Then I realised that the wind was blowing down the road straight at us, with all those lovely smells of things he could hunt! I changed direction and he was back under control!!!
  12. Snowflake is still broody but now moulting so I hope she's coming out of it. 2 months with no eggs from her!
  13. I have just bought the low-rise one and attached it to an extended eglu run. Took me about 2.5 hours to do this on my own so pretty easy. I wasn't bothered about getting the extra height from the 2m high one as I can fit through the door. I really like it and it gives my girls 8 square metres when I am at work. It also keeps them separate from our dogs so we can all be in the garden safely together with no chasing! I don't know how to post pictures but I have put some logs and perches into it, there is also a mini-palm tree which was growing in the space I wanted to put the run in. Also hanging CDs and mobiles for interest.
  14. thats sensible, at least they are together then. My snowflake is out and about today in the garden (still flapping and squawking) so hopefully is coming out of her broody phase. She was sat on 3 eggs so I have now removed those and keeping the eglu pop-hole open to cool the coop down.
  15. Snowflake gets broody every year at this time for about 3 weeks. I just make sure she comes out each day to eat and drink and put lice powder in the sawdust that she sits on and a little bowl of water each day. I remove the eggs that the other hen is laying too. Her comb goes pale and floppy and she loses a bit of weight but she always comes out of it. I haven't used a broody cage (cat box) mainly because then the other one would be sleeping on her own and I would be worried about a fox getting in to the run at night.

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