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  1. My ladies had their wings clipped when I bought them from the farm last July. Might they need doing again soon? It's just that they've suddenly learnt to fly! This morning one leapt over their fence and landed on my labradors head!! Luckily all the dog training I did at the start payed off as both dogs just gave it a sniff and left it alone.
  2. I really like it but then I love all things snowy, one of my ladies is called Snowflake (she is white but not gentle or soft so does not live up to her name!). I don't have the £'s to get one at the mo and my secondhand green one is just fine but if someone does get one I'd love to see a pic!
  3. I only have 2 girls but can honestly say I find them quite low maintenance, but then we have 2 dogs and they're a far greater committment and expense! The feeding, changing the water and daily poo pick are just part of the routine as well as the nice parts of collecting the eggs and giving them their corn/ greens in the afternoon. Yes they have trashed their bit of the garden but that's why we fenced that part off so they can do what they like to it. I do a big clean out every Saturday morning and pick them up for a cuddle / inspection. I will find it hard if they get ill and if/when I have to introduce newbies but like having any pet it's a responsibility I am willing to face. They also go back to the farm for chicken boarding if we go away but we also have the neighbours children interested in caring for them. It is a bit harder in the winter as I don't get to see them so much and their area is like Glastonbury Festival at the moment, muddy claws! but we are still getting at least one egg a day.
  4. Our city is like a war-zone this week with all the fireworks, I'm sat here with the TV up loud so that the dogs don't hear it and have put an old sleeping bag over the eglu to muffle the sound and flashes so hopefully the girls will sleep through it (it's their 1st one)
  5. Mine haven't had the joy of 'porridge' yet but maybe if it gets colder. They like their pellets but probably 'cos they have bokashi bran & poultry spice mixed in, corn in the afternoon and a handful of greens most days from herbs/veg patch/ leftovers. We had one soft egg but I think that was because Snowflake laid 2 in a day.
  6. Mine love spinach, chard leaves, herbs, tomatoes, anything picked straight from the garden or greenhouse. I try to give them greens every day as they are not on grass but do also have a bit of a free range every day (but this will be less in the winter as it'll be dark by the time I get home from work)
  7. Mine spent the 1st day just peeking out, I guess it might be different as you already have some chickens so they will also be sussing out their order in the flock and how to get to the food. I also have a Tikka (goldline) and a Snowflake (Light Sussex), and love the name Coco!
  8. I was very worried about our young Weimarner with her hunting instincts. She will still chase birds and squirrels when we are on walks and even chase pigeons out of the garden but she seems to have a healthy regard for the chickens, having got a peck on the nose. When the chickens found their way out of their netted off the area the other day my husband found the 2 dogs and 2 chickens happily sharing the patio. However, I prefer them to have separate space so that their flapping/running doesn't trigger her prey-drive. Hope all your chooks are OK and glad you've got a dog trainer helping you, here's to a peaceful co-existance in your garden!!!
  9. thanks Squiffs, yes she had jumped on my shoulder like a parrot!
  10. perhaps she thinks that I am one big treat and thinks she will peck me!
  11. Thought my light sussex, Snowflake, was just pecking shiny things on my clothing but she tried to peck my eye yesterday (I do wear contact lenses so perhaps they caught the light). Do chickens try to dominate people? If so, how do I stop her?
  12. Oooo..looks lovely and what a beautiful labrador on the website
  13. definately more fox activity at the moment, heard one wailing in next doors garden the other evening, sent Harvey-the-labrador out to investigate (he doesn't know the word 'fox' so I just shouted "pussy cat" and he was out there in a flash barking "get 'orf my land!")
  14. One of my chickens has recently laid 2 eggs in one day (i.e we've had 3 eggs in the nestbox from 2 chickens within 24 hours). This morning they didn't rush out of their eglu as usual and I can only assume one was laying and was in the way of the other one getting out. Anyway, when I looked in their house there was an egg on the roosting bars but it was soft. Have added oyster shell to their food (as it was in a separate tub which they weren't touching). Is this normal? They are being wormed this week so I wonder if that makes a difference?
  15. My vet didn't mention this but as a compromise they are just out in the evening and I am making them empty their grub feeder before I fill it up again.
  16. At my vets the standard consultation rate is £20-something then you add on medications. Haven't been with the chooks yet but dogs and chickens are registered at the same practice. Other people in my area go to a cheaper vets but ours is a really good one with a hospital attached and just round the corner with 24-hour cover. When we have needed a specialist for the dogs (joint probs, eye probs) they have a resident vet with that specialty.
  17. I am relatively new to this too but what I have picked up so far... I inspected mine as the farmer held them and they then clipped their wings for me. I brought them home in a dog crate, they just squatted down and were calm. They were OK with me lifting them out into their run. They went straight into their coop and stayed there most of the afternoon. They ventured out for food late afternoon and there was a bit of squabbling between the 2 of them over food for a few days. However, they soon realised that there is a plentiful supply of food. I let them out into a netted area when I am in the garden so they don't get to trash the lawn or veg patch. I also sat in their netted off each day to get them tame and now they are OK with being picked up.
  18. I had the shall I get 2 or 3 chickens dilemma but I am happy with 2 given the size of the secure run even tho' I have now extended it to 3m and they get let out when I am in the garden every day.
  19. One of mine poos in the nest box but I just scoop it out in the morning as they don't seem to go back in to lay until about 10am.
  20. Have only had mine since July and chicken bedtime used to be about 9pm, last night they put themselves to bed at 7.30pm!
  21. I like the idea of a camouflage effect but in girls colours like pink and cream or chocolate and cream, even if it was just that the base and pop hole were a different colour from the main house part (like the fried eglu)
  22. I have had a red top fly trap hanging the garden since mid-July when my girls arrived. It's just about ready to be emptied so I am thinking about getting another one. However, I am concious of the smell and that my neighbours can smell it. I am looking for a low odour one for over the autumn/winter when they'll be fewer flies about. Anyone got any suggestions?
  23. I think they are just curious too, and I can always shout "pussycats" to the dogs and they'll give a warning bark of "get off my land"!!!
  24. Does having chickens attract cats to your garden? In the past few days when I've been working at home and sat in the garden we have had 2 separate cat visitors. Tikka has alerted me with a cluck and before the dogs have noticed them. Could a cat do the chickens any harm or are they just being inquisitive of the new smell? btw. I know that one of the cats visits next doors rabbits so perhaps it is just being friendly, it looks quite young.

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