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  1. Mine weren't interested in treats whilst they were settling in, they didn't even get through many pellets to start with. Now they LOVE tomatoes and run at me if they think I am going near the greenhouse to get them one. They also like "corn time" at 4 o'clock. I also have a tub of oyster shell available, they give it the odd peck but I think they pick up some grit when free-ranging. In terms of getting used to being handled I just put a chair in their netted off area and sat in with them to start with. They were quite nervous but started eating corn from my hand, I then starting giving them a stroke whilst doing this. I didn't grab out or chase them and just left it for that day if they seemed nervous. I can now pick both of mine up and give them a check over, they just seem to relax once in my arms. I use hard woodchippings in their run and aubiose in their eglu. I just rake over the woodchip every couple of days and throw a handful of biodri in once a week. I am going to move their run soon to give the ground a chance to recover and give them a different view!
  2. me too! although I am still waiting to go on my summer holiday (which will now be an autumn holiday unless we have an Indian summer). Have just been on to Omlet and ordered the clear plastic cover and I am going to move the eglu into a more sheltered spot, which will also give the previous ground a breather. I have also ordered a dustbath (as figure the ground where they currently dustbathe might get muddy) and a Winter Health pack. Oh my girls are spoiled!!! Good tip about putting warm water in the glug too.
  3. Ahhh...lovey new girls. Makes me realise how much mine have grown since I got them 6 weeks ago. I also have a Light Sussex (Snowflake) and a Goldline (Tikka).
  4. I got a eglu and 2m run from Ebay in July and have since bought a 1m extension from Omlet. I suppose it depends on the size of your hens (I have a Goldline and a Light Sussex) and how much they get to free-range but I decided to have 2 (although I had considered 3). Having now seen the space and how they interact I am happy with my decision.
  5. That's not too long to wait then, but you are already set up? Are you also getting an eglu or just the chickens to fill your existing coop? I did consider getting mine from Omlet as they seem like nice hybrids but decided to go to a local supplier in the end as wanted the chickens to have as short a journey as possible. As it turns out we are only 15 mins from the farm and my two go back there for their holidays!!! Anyway, I expect you will feel nervous and excited. I did when I got mine in July and used to keep going out to check on them, now I can't believe how tame they have become and how relaxed I feel being around them. Already want some more!!!
  6. The Flytesoffamcy stuff is nice and I rake it over every few days and put Biodri in once a week. However, the girls seems to have kicked alot of it out of their run so this weekend as I am doing a powerwash of the eglu I am going to move the run onto a fresh patch of ground and put some new woodchip down. They have been on that patch of ground for 2 months. I was thinking that I'd have to move them every 2-3 months to give the ground time to recover (they aren't on grass) and also order a winter clear shade.
  7. I pick some herbs from my garden to put in my chickens netting treat bag, now when they see me going round the herb pots or near the veg patch they get really excited.
  8. Our City Council (Bristol) have a standard policy that all allotments accept henkeeping so that you don't have to apply. Having said that I am one year in to a two year waiting list for an allotment plot so decided to keep the chickens in our back garden instead. I think it will be lovely for you to have them on an allotment especially as you can use it as a substitute garden and can go and sit outdoors to watch them.
  9. Her comb is bigger and redder than my Snowflake who started laying on Monday so hope so
  10. How many do you think you will get for the extra cube / run space that you have?
  11. Lovely new girls. Had a look through your photos and your greyhounds are beautiful too
  12. I am still contemplating between the Cube and WIR options (and trying to save my pennies). The cube seems quite a big housing area compared to the outdoor space that they get. What would you say is the minimum number of chickens to house in a Cube. I currently have two and was thinking that I might add another two. They will also get let out into a netted area when we are at home.
  13. I think the Omlet WIR is appealing because of the option of moving it but I wouldn't envisage doing this on a regular basis. If I get one I was thinking of 2 sites that it would fit and then move it between them, perhaps in spring and autumn. If the cube weighs 75kg then you're looking at a big total weight with the WIR too, and it has to be to stop it being blown over and/or predators lifting it up to get in.
  14. How did you make and fit the middle door panel? I am just putting the extension on next weekend which means I won't be able to reach right to the end of the run with a rake for cleaning.
  15. My 2 chickens share a grub and a glug and I have bought a 1m extension to the run. I did think abou getting 3 chickens but decided against it because of the secure space I can give them when I am out at work. However, they are now out of their run for hours at a time in the evenings, weekends and when I work from home so I guess that a 3m run would be OK for 3 chickens. Their time out will reduce in the winter though.
  16. Mine have had one this morning, left over from my tea last night, I expected them to peck bits off but I can't find it in their run now. Would they have really eaten the whole thing?
  17. Netting is OK if you are around to rescue them though isn't it? Mine have a netted off area to roam in when we are around to fox watch. My dog put her head through once and got stuck 'cos of her big ears, she didn't panic she just stood there with her head and tail down waiting to be rescued and the hens didn't go and peck her either while she was captive in this position.
  18. mine cuddle up together on the roosting bars in the corner and most of their droppings go through the bars into the aubiose. there is sometimes a poo in the nesting area too but I pick that out in the morning ready for them to lay
  19. you were right, she started laying yesterday so poached eggs for my breakfast tomorrow! Come on Tikka, you can do it too, you have competition now!!!
  20. I've only had mine for a month but brought them home in a dog crate, I covered part of it with a towel and they settled down for the short journey home (15 mins or so). I lifted them in to their run and they promptly went straight into their house for the afternoon. I left them alone and they eventually came out into their run for some food in the evening. I kept them in their house and run for 4 days and they had some free range time at the weekend, albeit in a netted off area. They soon learned that their run and house are a safe place to run too if they get spooked by something. I don't put food or water in their house, would be hard as it is an eglu but they do go straight to their food in the morning when I open the eglu door anytime between 6.30 and 8.00am depending on when we get up with the dogs. The advice I would give you is to spend time sat with them and giving them treats near you and then out of your hand. Whilst doing this try to stroke them. I found that once they trust you they are easy to pick up which is very handy. Don't chase them and if they flap or jump away from your hand just try again another day. Mine have become tame within a month and yesterday they jumped on my back as a bridge across to a different area. Today I was rewarded with my 1st egg too!!
  21. In this photo which breed is the chicken on the right , she looks like vanilla ice cream!!!
  22. Thanks Henchanted, yes I think it might have been me that you gave this advice to. We do certainly seem to be making progress...and I hope to have an update when we meet in October
  23. We have had a lovely weekend with the chickens having lots of time out of their run. Tess got a peck on the nose but didn't respond badly and later on did a "play bow" to her. Took this photo of Tess & Tikka The key seems to be to tire the dogs out in the morning and let the chickens out in the afternoon. The chickens also like their newly expanded mezzanine area they found 2 escape routes and ended up on the lawn. I calmly called the dogs in to the house for a biscuit and then went and blocked up the escape routes...
  24. Oh Phew! I thought there might be something wrong with her. I was about to take the GRUB away from her but it's nearly empty anyway. Will just have to make sure that Tikka gets some tomorrow, although she can get to the other side of the grub and Snowflake isn't stopping her so perhaps shes not as hungry...
  25. My Goldline is a nice size but she only has to share with a Light Sussex who is slightly bigger.

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