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  1. After weeks of just having to do a scoop top up of their food, this afternoon Snowflake has had her head in the grub feeder and has consumed about half of it. This must be more than a days food. I have made sure that there is enough for Tikka as well but I am wondering why she has been so greedy today? Does it mean she is going to start laying eggs?
  2. This afternoon I have a bit of an adjustment of the netting and given my chickens a mezzanine level I promptly found out that Tikka could get under a bush and onto the lawn. I bribed the dogs inside with a biscuit and went and picked her up. She did her little chicken tantrum, stamping her feet (which I assume is her thinking that I am the cockeral) Have now blocked off the escape route... My husband also had a clear out of the garage and found the huge box from Omlet with their 1m run extension which I was going to install when he is away in a few weeks and hope that he didn't notice!! He said that "whatever keeps me mad keeps him happy"
  3. yes have definately noticed a difference with less smell from their run, also they really love it and it seems to get them interested in their pellets.
  4. Mine haven't managed it yet although they do stand on top of their eglu run and house and eye up "the leap". However, mine do have their wings clipped, the farm did it for us when I bought them and said I could get a vet to do it next year but by then they might be docile enough not to try and escape.
  5. Thanks cheekychook - yes my dogs are well behaved and keen to please too and we managed to spend an hour in the garden all together tonight. Chickens in their netted off area. At one point Tikka flapped and ran straight past Tess the dog who was stood at the netting and within reach of her and she didn't even flinch so I gave her lots of praise and a biscuit.
  6. I know that I am probably boring everyone on here with my dog / chicken integration challenges. We are all able to be in the garden together now, dogs on the lawn and chooks in their netted off area. I still have to stand over the dogs with my water spray if they make any sudden moves towards the chickens (this is usually when they flap / jump). The chickens are not bothered by the dogs and come right up to the netting to have a look at them. However, yesterday I noticed that Tess (our 2 year old weimaraner) was shaking and had her tail down when looking at the chickens. I am wondering if she is a bit scared of them or if this is some pre-strike adrenaline going round her body? I am still worried about one of the chickens leaping over the netting and how I would then control both dogs not to chase them and that's why a WIR is looking more appealing by the day. Other people on this forum seem to have dogs and chickens living in harmony so am I expecting too much too soon from my dogs. btw. out labrador seems to be most interested in eating the chicken poo
  7. yep! mine do a sprint if they see me with the corn container. Infact Snowflake tried to run through the netting yesterday to get to me so will have to think about my route so that she doesn't hurt herself.
  8. I picked mine up on a Wednesday and they had their first time our of the run on the Saturday just for a short time. I made sure it was without distractions (i.e. our dogs) in the garden and they seemed to know to go back to their run/coop as a safe place. You are supposed to wait a week though. In terms of handling them I left them alone for a week and then started sitting in the run with them so they got used to me. I then started feeding them corn out of a container lid and now from my hand (although children might not like this as they do peck a bit). I let my nephews in with them after 2 weeks but they have chickens anyway so know not to chase or grab at them. I can now pick both of mine up for a cuddle.
  9. I was thinking the same thing, did a search on IKEA website and the childrens tables might be OK but not sure about their weight limit
  10. have you seen these listings on e bay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Omlet-Eglu-Cube-run-extension-2m-/190565077375?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Poultry&hash=item2c5e90517f http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Omlet-Cube-1m-run-front-panel-large-door-and-shade-/280725572415?pt=UK_Pet_Supplies_Poultry&hash=item415c8c4b3f
  11. Looks fab! I quite like the pink and the red together. I suppose they get the extra space under the house too which they don't get with the eglu.
  12. LunaKiw also gave me some really good advice on WIR at this link: http://club.omlet.co.uk/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=80794
  13. Will this grow on an area where there has not been grass? I am wondering if I should try and grow my chickens a little pasture in this area...
  14. I have used the Omlet pegs to secure the run as the ground I put it on is on a slight slope although I did my best to even out any lumps You can see the pegs on this photo I currently have the green shade which I got in the refresher kit with the plastic roosting bars but I think I will order a clear winter shade for them.
  15. The dustbath is just a shallow tubtrug, so is the orange one, but different sizes, we found ours at a local farm shop, but b&q/homebase has them, they are handy for everything (we use deep ones for growing potatoes and carrots). Thanks speckleyboo - looks like Amazon do them too, now to choose a colour...
  16. Yes I read on the Omlet twitter / facebook that there were only 5 left (think they put that info on after the TV appearance).
  17. Hi Current I am thinking about a WIR too and also have an OH who doesn't do DIY (and I'm not very good either) so I was going to save up for the Omlet one as I know I'll be able to put that together myself (perhaps with a friend to help hold things) but it is expensive. However, I figure that it should last and it appeals to me as can fix it down to our slightly sloping garden. I did also think that the 1 metre extensions will be handy in the future but I will probably join the eglu and it's run to the WIR as other people have done. Also, I am not sure but if you order the WIR and book an Omlet delivery will they put it up for you?
  18. speckleyboo - can you post a photo? would love to see it in a garden.
  19. Harvey the Labrador has been in the garden with me this afternoon while I cleaned them out. He didn't make any attempts to snap at them and wasn't too bothered when they ran or flapped. Am going to get him as relaxed as possible around them before introducing other dog as she reads signals from him.
  20. So here I am sat in the garden in my pyjamas whilst my lazy dogs and lazy husband have a lie in. This is to give the ladies some "chicken-out" time as we still haven't got the hang of all pets being in the garden at the same time. The dogs keep sticking their head through the netting and getting stuck and it makes the chickens flap. I hope for garden harmony again soon but it might involve a walk-in run...shhhhh don't tell the hubby!!!

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