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  1. Sam - the noise has just sent my dogs mad, looking for a squeeeekkkkkyyyy... Mine make same noises when they think I have corn for them and one did a proper "cluck" the other day
  2. According to this months newsletter there are only 5 left...so tempted...does anyone know if any of the other colours are available to buy just as an eglu but without a run?
  3. I have had my 2 chickens for 2 weeks and Tikka has come out "top-hen" after spending a couple of days pecking Snowflake when she went near the food and chasing her back in to the house. I think now that she has realised that there is plentiful supply of food she is more relaxed, just the odd peck now and again if they are eating corn from my hand. She didn't ever draw blood tho'! At night I find them cuddled up together in their eglu home so they must like each other really!!!
  4. One of mine settles in the nesting area of the eglu in the evening but I think that's cos she's nosy and likes to peek out. By the time it is proper chicken bedtime the 2 of them are cuddled up on the roosting bars together. No eggs yet but the farm said we'd probably have to wait a month (had them for 2 weeks)
  5. I store mine in an old coffee jar with an airtight lid and then sprinkle it in their food. Have noticed a reduction in smell from poo in their run too.
  6. Oooo..how exciting! Think ours will just start to lay when they go back to the farm for their "chicken holiday" when we are in Ireland...
  7. yes, reminds me of a cat box too, I think there is a ladder at the back but what would concern me is that the run size is the same size as the house size whereas with eglu their run is at least twice as big as their house and I know that alot of us extend it too!!
  8. I agree Plum - I tend to be able to pick them up when they are in a corner and because of putting my hands over their wings they don't tend to flap. Once they are in "cuddle position" they seem to relax and make contented noises (at least I think they are contented!). The light sussex I don't hold for as long as she is still a bit nervous but my goldline like a cuddle every day now.
  9. Sorry to hear about Stan, but she'd obviously had 2 lovely years with you and you did the right thing to let her go today
  10. Oh that is so awful, really sorry to hear that. Makes me even more wary about introducing my dogs to the chickens. We might all be happier if the chickens continue to have their "chicken out" time when the dogs are safely in our house, or I should start saving for a walk in run so that we can all be in the garden safely together. Thanks for the warning about other peoples dogs too, my neighbours dog definately won't be coming round as he is not under control at all.
  11. I don't wear gloves, mine peck corn from my hand but it doesn't hurt.
  12. Awwww...love the pup, would really love a Vizsla but hubby says that 2 dogs (and now 2 chickens) are enough...
  13. I use wood chippings in their run and rake it over every few days to stop the droppings building up. They have aubiose in their coop and nesting area. Have just added a sprinkling of BioDri to keep the run fresh and dusted their house with Diatomaceous Earth (both bought from Omlet)
  14. Have only had mine a couple of weeks but find I can stroke them if I am giving them corn in one hand. If they move away from my hand I don't keep trying. I find that sitting in their netted off area also helps them stay calm around me and I also move slowly. I did manage to pick Tikka up yesterday by stroking her with both hands and then keeping her wings in. She then let me pick her up and made some lovely sounds (sounded contented not panic). I then put her back in her run which is the safe place she goes to. I think you have to take it slowly from the advice I got from here and lots of treats!!
  15. yeay! after a week of patiently moving calmly and slowly around my 2 chickens I have rewarded today with them both eating corn out of my hand and giving them a stroke, then finally this evening I managed to pick up Tikka (a goldline) and she didn't even try to flap she just relaxed and enjoyed a cuddle. Next challenge is to build up the trust with Snowflake who is more flappy.
  16. that's good to know that it takes a few weeks for the tameness to develop. I have only had mine a week and a half and they now come up to me when I have corn and I managed to stroke Snowflake tonight whilst feeding her corn.
  17. Thanks squiffs, thought I was doing something majorly wrong already!!!
  18. looks great! how many extensions have you added to your WIR. Like others I was concerned that mine would not really be getting any more room if I got from an eglu classic with extended 3 metre run to a 4 metre walk in. The omlet covers seem a bit small to me so I like the look of the one from that other company.
  19. How much should they drink - mine never empty more that the top couple of inches even on a warm day (I have two of them). Are they drinking enough? I change it for fresh water every 1-2 days rather than topping it up. They also never empty their grub container, now I am worried that they are not eating enough either!!!
  20. that's a good point about the amount of light let in, my girls are good at having at lie in until 7am in their green one
  21. but if they are on TV in the morning I reckon they will sell out...
  22. I have only had mine for a week and felt quite anxious beforehand but I am enjoying them more each day. They now 'talk' to me when I let them out in the morning and toddle up to me in the afternoon when I take them their corn treat, even pecking it out of the lid that I hold out to them. A week ago they were nervous of me now they know I am there to feed them. They are still quite flappy but I find sitting in the netted off area with them helps me get used to that and they also like jumping on top of their eglu run. They are dust batheing in their run (in the sunshine) and in the netted area when I let them out. The only thing I need to keep working on is my dogs socialisation with them. The dogs are fairly calm until they flap about. It might be that I always have to let them have their "chicken-out" time when the dogs are shut in the house, either that or I am getting a walk-in run so that we can all be in the garden together. I still do a 3-point check every night (eglu porthole, tray and door) and have been a bit OCD going back to check again so that I know they are secure from foxes. However, they put themselves to bed no problem about 9pm. Everyone on here has been very helpful with my newbie questions so ask away...
  23. I would love one! Currently have a bought secondhand, husband not keen on the purple ones (even tho' it is my favourite colour...) but he did quite like the Fried Eglu (goes with his sense of humour of naming his chicken 'Tikka'). Could fit with my grand plan of getting an Omlet WIR so that I would have 2 housing areas if we get a couple more chickens and 7 metres of run space. I wonder how many are left - I will be jealous if you get the last one!!!

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