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  1. I will be watching your progress keenly as plan to save up for an Omlet WIR to attach to my eglu classic. That's a top tip to check the door hole panel first to make sure they've sent the right one.
  2. Doesn't seem like she gave much thought to being a chicken owner, found it bizarre that she said she also then got a dog to keep foxes away (poor dog, such high expectations for it and ends up getting wound up by the chickens anyway). However, perhaps she was trying to write the article from an ironic point of view.
  3. Thanks LunaKiw1 that is really helpful and thank you for the photo.
  4. Have had the chickens nearly a week now and they were allowed out of their run at the weekend. Tonight when they came out of their run they climbed on top of the eglu run to peck at a bush in the garden. Snowflake (the light sussex) is still a bit flappy/nervous. Tikka is more confident but was flapping about the flies today (flitrap ordered now!!). I was able to get them back into the run by throwing corn in and walking behind them but wonder when I should start handling them again. I picked them up at the farm and to transfer in and out of the car but have not done it since.
  5. you mentioned that you have one of the Omlet walk-in runs so I hope you don't mind me asking you some questions about it as I am contemplating getting one... 1. How long did it take to assemble and how many people do you need to help? 2. Have you got it fixed to the ground or on concrete slabs? 3. Did you join it to an existing eglu run or is it stand alone with a coop situated inside 4. How many chickens do you keep in it and do they also free-range?
  6. I noticed loads yesterday and the girls were freaking out with them buzzing round their heads. I put a few drops of citronella oil near the run and have ordered a red top fly trap from e bay today.
  7. He! He! I know that you mean...I got mine last Wednesday and have already ordered a 1 metre extension to their run . Have put out the 25 metre net so that they can have some roaming time away from the dogs which takes up a 1/3rd of the garden and I am already thinking about a walk-in run and buying a second eglu (I like the Fried Eglu). Here are some pics of my chicken journey so far...
  8. Thanks Henchanted. I am "poo picking" every morning if there are any in the nest box area and any that didn't drop through (but most seem to). They go straight into the composter.
  9. I have noticed on some peoples photos that they have put enough bedding in to cover up the roosting bars. Is this how much I should put in? The nesting area is full up but the rest just has a layer underneath the roosting bars. I can top up if necessary as have loads of the stuff!
  10. Steve C - thanks for the advice, it is on soil so will do the raking over as suggested. Our tree surgeon friend is coming to do some work for us so will ask him to woodchip our off cuts and then be cheeky and ask for an on-going supply so I can cover the whole roaming area with it (and avoid the bark)
  11. big day tomorrow then? v.exciting. I've only had mine since Wednesday and I love them already, we had a little chat this morning when I was topping up their feed/water. They make lovely little sounds. There was a bit of squabbling to start with, with Tikka coming out as top-hen but she seems more relaxed now that she knows that there is a plentiful supply of food. I am watching their little routines that Snowflake seems to come out for a scratch about and food when Tikka has put herself to bed, but there are also other times when they are both out together.
  12. Thanks for all your advice. Have just read on the FOF website that the type I have bought only needs changing once or twice a year as it washes through with the rain. So my plan is to add in the sanitising powder and keep an eye that it stays clean and not too smelly. I don't mind buying a new bag perhaps once a quarter but as I said before a £15 delivery charge for a £9 bag of woodchip smarts a bit. The netted area that they will roam in is covered in bark chips which will take less of a pounding and of course is cheaper to buy in bulk. I have also just remembered that my husband knows a tree surgeon so I am going to text him.
  13. My chickens have woodchip in their run. What should I be doing to keep the woodchip hygienic? Can I sprinkle in some aubiose. Also, do I need to put in some anti-mite powder and is there anything that will make it smell fresher? I don't mind buying new woodchip fairly regularly as they are in their run during the day when I am at work but when I ordered it from Flytes of Fancy the postage charge was more that the product.
  14. Well I've only had them for 2 days but let them out at 7am when we get up for the dogs, it'll probably be the same at weekends too. They've been taking themselves off to bed nicely at 9.30 and 9.15, I think they like their eglu home
  15. she looks like a 'negative' of my light sussex who is white with black feathers around the neck, sorry can't help with the ID but love the pics
  16. yes, I do have some other books but I thought that men like those Haynes manuals so it might get him interested...
  17. Well we had a relaxed journey back from JC Chickens, the girls just sat in the dog crate. Didn't flap about when I lifted them into their run. They went straight into their eglu and the goldline just pops her head out occasionally. The white sussex is sitting right at the back of the eglu and I haven't seen her again yet. I assume this is normal behaviour when they come to a new home and are getting used to new sounds and smells? Their eglu and run are behind a windbreak at the moment so that the dogs don't scare them. Harvey the labrador doesn't seem interested, Tess has had a sniff around but not trying to get in to see them. I am hoping they come out to eat and drink today. We will be naming them, my reluctant husband announced that today was Chicknesday and wants to name one of them. I also gave him the Haynes manual on chickens as a wedding anniversary present yesterday. Update: Goldline (now named Tikka) has been out all afternoon doing chickeny things, pecking, eating, scratching about, preening herself. Seems to want to be in charge and is chasing the White Sussex (now named Snowflake) and pecked a feather out. Assume this is them establishing the "pecking order". Snowflake has managed to get some corn by poking her head out of the eglu but has not made it to the feeder yet which is up by the door. This is where the water is too.
  18. I love the co-ordinated planting (pink and purple) and that has given me a idea to disguise my run a bit. Is yours a 3 metre run then (with the extra netted space) for 3 or 4 chickens? I also like the photo of your spaniel looking quite relaxed around them and also the close ups of the chickens.
  19. any tips for getting them in to their coop though as when I get mine I don't want to leave eglu door open at night even if the run is secure...
  20. I get mine on Wednesday...2 hyrbrids, I'm very excited!!!
  21. So glad you can give them a home and I love it that you have a "henniversary"!!!
  22. you are very clever to build this yourself, I am not a practical person at all so wouldn't know where to start, your chickens are going to love it and yeay! for the

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