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  1. Great advice, thanks for that. I'm a newbie and will be picking up 3 chickens on 26th July. Do you have to empty their feeder at night to prevent rats? What type of coop and size of run have you got for 3? I am tempted by a walk-in run but for now they'll have their eglu , extended run and netted off area for roaming about whilst I save up.
  2. I have just got an Eglu mark 2 with 2m run and a 25m net fence (can be electrified but probably won't 'cos of my dogs). Planning to get 3 chickens at the end of the month. I'm busy preparing the space for them which is about 2m wide and 6m long. I am planning to let them in to their secure eglu run on the days that we work and then out in to the wider netted area when we are around. This is because I want to supervise them with my dogs around and keep an eye out for urban foxes. I am trying to get the ground they are on as flat and even as possible and fix the eglu down with the screw in pegs. However, I have seen people on this forum also talk about weld-mesh. Is this the stuff that you have to dig in to the ground? I am not a very practical person so would need to get some help with this before they arrive. Has anyone had a fox dig underneath their eglu run?
  3. I have been chatting to Claire at JC Chickens and she has been helpful, I am about to get my first 3 chickens. They also do chicken boarding for when we go on holiday. A friend of mine got hers at Annies and is pleased with them though.

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