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  1. My mum buys them for her self but before she's even started on one I've already drunk half of the carton, and then she shouts at me
  2. Yes, I've still got it, I haven't put it on Freecycle yet
  3. thank you I will try that, my mum sometimes goes on it to get rid of stuff and find stuff
  4. thank you, I have only been playing this CD for a couple of days and I take great care when handling my CDs so it should be in very good condition
  5. a Black Sabbath CD-Dehumanizer, it doesn't sell for much on ebay so I was wondering if anybody on here wanted it, the reason being me and my mum don't really approve of some of the lyrics as they're a bit dodgy, but don't let that put you off taking it off of our hands. Please post here if you're interested.
  6. sorry if that sounded a bit rude mel i forget to put smiles in
  7. I do expect you to choose that's the whole point of the poll.
  8. ...-stand at your kitchen window with a pair of binoculars watching what they are up to and laughing at everything they do. Lets see if we can add to this list. Please try and come up with more ideas. I would really like to see what people could put down.

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