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  1. Hi Everyone, My naked neck Beryl has been very broody for the last month she hasn't laid any eggs and doesn't want to get off the nesting box at all. We have been taking her out of the box and keeping the door shut but this doesn't work she still just sits out side the coop it also upsets Dorothy when she is ready to lay. I have also tried to give her cool baths to try and cool her down but this doesn't work either. I don't have a broody box or dog crate the only thing I really have is a cat basket but she like curling up in that! She does eat and drink a little bit but not as much as s
  2. Oh crumbs (or layers mash lol) I do hope we will be OK as its a lovely house but it won't be a home without my girlies I'm going to have to check this out.
  3. Hi everyone, This may seem like a silly question but did you all check the deeds to your house before getting chickens to see if you were able to keep them in your garden? The reason I'm asking is we are going to be moving soon and have been advised that we check the deeds as we may not be able to keeps chickens in the garden. Thank you all in advance LuLu xxx
  4. Thank you all for your replies its good to know that others have experienced this and it is just a sign that she is eating to quickly greedy little madam lol
  5. Thank you for replying ain't "Ooops, word censored!"ody here she does this every time she has treats she is very greedy and chases the others to get any food they have as well. I have noticed that when I fed her the treats not only does she do the noise but she also starts to get bubbles come out of her nostrils.
  6. I was feeding my girls some treats of grapes and cherry tomatoes and Dorothy started making some strange noises. I have previously put a post on asking if chicken can have hiccups but didn't get much response so I thought I would film it so you could hear and hopefully advise on what she is doing and if I should be worried or if there is anything I should do. Please click on the link below to view the video. Thanks in advance Laura
  7. Thanks for the reply good egg it could be that as it does sound similar to what Dorothy is doing she doesn't seem to be doing it anymore so fingers crossed it was just a little bit of food she had stuck.
  8. Hi all, My hen Dorothy who is a cream legbar cross and is around 9 months old has started to make a strange noise. We noticed it yesterday and it sounds like she has hiccups as it continues one after another about 5 - 6 times then stops then a few minutes later happens again. We were feeding them a few treats and she is very greedy and will chase the others and nick the food of them that's why I am thinking it could be hiccups. It did stop after a couple of times. She seems fine in herself eating and drinking running around digging and having dust bath. However the other half was cutt
  9. As a treat I buy live mealworms and put them in a container for example a cat litter tray and put soil over the mealworms and the girls get so excited and spend ages digging for them even when they are all gone. I also have a couple of treat balls that I put the meal worms in or sometimes sweet corn or peas and they kick that around for ages I also have a springy food holder I think I got it from feathers & beaky it hangs in our WIR and you can put food treats in it but it bounces & springs around and my girls spend ages ducking and bobbing trying to get the food treats. I hav
  10. Hello, I have a naked neck called Beryl and she is a little madam We have an Eglu classic which we have built our own 3mx3m walk in run attached to they WIR is the 21m omlet netting. When we are at work we keep our girls in the WIR as we want to keep them safe from any possible predators when we are home we open the door and let them free range in the omlet netting. However this is not good enough for Beryl oh no she like to jump over the netting and go for a walk around the rest of the garden and then visit the neighbours she doesn't do this all the time but every so often. So I c
  11. Oh Blue and White I am so sorry you lost Ebay I know exactly how you feel over the last 4 weeks I have lost 2 of my girls which has also left me with a Bluebelle (Ethel). I didn't want to get anymore as they were my first girls and I was so upset to have lost them both in such a short space of time. However Ethel got very lonely and noisy so after a week me and the OH had a good chat and decided to get 2 new friends for her. We looked at various breeds and decided that a Faverolle and a Orpington would be good to put with her and then went chicken shopping. Well we didn't come home wit
  12. Hi PoachedPlease I got both girls from a lovely place called Julia's Poultry Barn it's in Hagworthingham Lincolnshire. I had only ever seen naked necks in books or magazines and this was my first time seeing them in the flesh pun not intended and I feel in love with them. Julia breeds them herself and Beryls parents have even won shows. She has other breeds as well.
  13. To be perfectly honest I don't know we were told she was a cream legbar cross but they didn't know what she was crossed with. But she is lovely and enjoys a cuddle & has been laying brown eggs
  14. Its a small world We named the cream legbar Dorothy so we could nickname her dotty as she has little black flecks that are dotted all over her. The naked neck was called Beryl as I thought she looked like she was wearing a beret so I thought beret Beryl.
  15. Thank you for your reply Ain't "Ooops, word censored!"ody Here - Should I be worried is there anything I need to do to help prevent this happening again or is just something hens go through?

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