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  1. Hello all, Has anyone ever heard of / experienced this before. We have an Eglu Go with a 3m run. Our 2 girls are fit and healthy and are regularly cleaned out. Now, over the last 2 months we've noticed that everytime we change their bedding with fresh clean meadow hay bought from Pets at Home, within a few hours they chuck it out into the run and appear to be happy laying their eggs on the empty plastic nesting tray. We've tried changing their straw but it does not make any difference, they just chuck it out into their run and don't want to appear to have any straw in their nesting box. Any ideas why they are doing this as we have had them for over 2 years and they've only just started doing this?
  2. This could be thae answer as I would like them to have their bath and like you said when they flicked into the run they wont turn the nice clean woodchips into a mush of mud and wood that never dries out. I used to put the woodchips onto the soil but the girls quickly scratched through them and the soil they dug up quickly mushed with the chips making a right mess. That's why I put a tarpaulin down to seperate the woodchips from the mud and it works really well.
  3. Hi, We have an Eglu Go with a 3m run. In the run I used a large clear plastic storeage box - (just imagine a massive plastic lunch box) large enough for 3 chckens to dust bathe in. In the box I put some fine top soil I bought from Homebase. They loved it but the problem was that when they bathed in it they flicked the soil over the sides onto the wood chippings in the run. Within a very short time the bath (box) was empty and all the soil was in the run. Even with an Eglu rain cover over the run the woodchippings got wet and with the soil from the bath it turned the run into a mud bath. So I have now changed the wood chippings (and tarpaulin they are placed on) but have not bothered to replace the box with soil as it would obviously happen all over again. So my question is........ is a dust bath absolutely necessary or is it a luxury they can do without especially as they stand on their branch (which is in the run) and preen themselves. Also the wet mud can't be very pleasant for them keeping them cold and wet. If I put the bath in the garden would they bother using it as when they're out of the run they're busy free ranging? Is the dust bath absolutely necessary for their health? Any advice gratefully received.
  4. Bathing Chickens? From this post this activity seems quite popular. Never done it - should I be? I use a large plastic box (stack and store type) with 5" of dry fine topsoil in it for them to bathe in. I'd have thought I'd be told off for bathing my girls as it washes away all their natural oils / protection etc etc.
  5. Bit of a dilema for me too. We have powerful outdoor lighting that turns the rear garden into daylight when turned on at night. I used to put it on in the late afternoon to give our 3 girls another hours daylight thinking that they spend enough time being 'couped up' from 4pm - 7.30am. But then thought that I was 'artificially' keeping them up / awake, so I've abandoned the practice and let nature take its course. Not sure if it does any harm. It was quite funny though to see them run from their Eglu go when the light came on thinking it was morning already!!
  6. A great question Henergy as there must be quite a few of us just about to go into our first winter. I too were concerned when I heard the hail beating against the bedroom window in the early hours of this morning and was going to ask if the was a chicken house heater on the market. I wont be asking that now
  7. Very sorry to hear about your experiences and thanks for sharing this with us all. Hope all will be well soon. I have an Eglu Go with a 3m extended run - as per my avatar. The run is staked down at the edges all the way round and as far as I can see is fox proof. We always lock them in the Go at night as soon as they've gone in. I always thought these Eglu products were bullet / fox proof but as we read here obviously not. I live on the edge of a field that I know has foxes in it and consequently we never allow the girls to free range if we go out. They get locked in their run. I could do with knowing if anyone ever had fox problems with an Eglu Go so I can beef up security if necessary.
  8. I was going to post a thread on this subject, so as this is relevant can I ask a quick Q on the subject of Poultry Spice Dosage? The instructions state a teaspoon on daily food for 10 hens. Not sure why they state 10 hens as few of us actually have 10 chickens and I have only have 3. So I sprinkle half a teaspoon in their food every other day or so. If I put half a teaspoon every day (as suggested) it would be too concentrated. So, so that I get the proportions / doseage correct, how do you measure it out? ps - my girls drank the ACV - but lifeguard seems to be te popular choice which I might try.
  9. Minty - Yep - that WAS my set up. If you look at my avatar you'll see that I too have a clear plastic cover for the first 2m but the sun shade covering the last metre isn't waterproof and the rain water pours through it like a culinder which used to soak the earth / woodchips turning it into a mud bath. I've now modified the last metre and covered the sunshade with a piece of plastic sheeting. Now totally waterproof and a little more windproof for the months ahead.
  10. All sorted. I bought one of those clear plastic stack and store bins approx 2' long x 18" wide with quite steep sides and it doesn't take up much room in the run. Filled with about 4" inches of fine dry soil and they dived in as soon as I'd set it up.
  11. I thought about a cat litter tray but thought the sides were a bit low and after two 'flicks' the whole of the contents would be out in the run! UUmmmmmmmmmmmm?
  12. That's a good idea. It needs to have reasonably high sides as I don't want them to empty the dirt all over their cleanish woodchips. Can't be too large though as it has to go in their Eglu run ( which I have extended to 3m) and I still want them to have room to roam around in the run.
  13. I've read many times on here that its important that your chickens stay occupied and dont get bored. So I went to our local wood and found them a large branch for them to climb on in the garden however they rarely used it as they were busy scratching up the lawn So I cut the end off and installed it in their run. They love it and are always either walking along it or are all sat side by side off the cold ground.
  14. Our 3 girls spend most of the day in their 3m Eglu run with woodchips for a base - see avatar pic. The woodchips ideal but are too co"Ooops, word censored!" for them to have a good bath in I need to 'install' a dustbath in their run. I have some dry clean earth but what can I put it in - bearing in mind that it can't be too large as it has to go in their run. Any ideas gratefully received.....
  15. Yep - I considered slabs which willl be the next and final solution if the membrane doesn't work. So far so good.

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