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  1. My two penneth. Our girls love, tinned sweetcorn, toms, banana, grapes, oranges and sultanas. I was adviced not to empty to mower grass box into the run as it could clog them up. Todays treat was 2 weetabix with warm skimmed milk with banana and sultanas sprinkled on top. Looked great and far superior to my breakfast!
  2. We have an Eglu Go with a 3m run and use woodchip in the run. The problem is the chickens soon scratch it up and my nice clean woodchip soon mixes with the earth underneath and turns into a muddy mush. So, what do you use under your woodchip to stop it mixing with the ground underneath? It's been suggested to use plant weed control fabric but I'm thinking that the chickens would soon scratch their way through it and tear it to shreads defeating the object. So, what do you use to keep your wood chipppings clean?
  3. HENthusiast, Will you be fitting you auto opener to an Omlet Eglu Go or do you have a different hen house you'll be fitting it to? I only ask as I'd like one for my Eglu Go as I can't remeber what it's like to be in bed after 7am even on a weekend
  4. Yep - I agree with all of the above. We are new to keeping chickens but have been far too soft with them as its been fun (and still is) and a bit of a novelty. Treats at all times of the day and being let out to free range when ever they want. No discipline at all and we realise that we are to blame. This has resulted in them being more and more naughty / confident by the day. They wander into the house at will, so now we have to keep all the outside doors closed. When the doors are closed they try and fly in through the lounge window and the other day Lilly wandered into the lounge hid behind the sofa and laid an egg! Now as they've been let out to FR too much they are destroying the lawn, so we've decided to keep them in their 3 meter Eglu run while the lawn recovers. This has resulted in them shouting and screaming every time they see us at any window in the house as they want to be let out to FR. Obviously we are very concerned that the increased noise will upset our neighbours. What do we do? Let them out to keep them quiet and have no lawn or upset the neighbours and have a lawn?? Its now got to the point the we're frightened to be seen by the windows!! Where did the phrase "Ruling the Roost come from?"
  5. Thanks for that. I'm a regular at Newland Poultry and they're a very friendly top bunch who know their business. Last time I was there they were out of stock but good to know they've sorted a new supplier
  6. OK guys, Just bought 6 bags finest hardwood woodchip from B&Q Redditch. 56 litre bags at £5.56 per bag. I left about 16 bags on the pallet. When that lot has gone then I think that'll be it! Doesn't look like the pic on the outside of the bag but top stuff though
  7. Just Checked with Gloucester before I make the trip and they DONT have any in! This is ridiculous - Anyone would think we were after hens teeth
  8. I'm in Worcester so no probs. Are they the co"Ooops, word censored!" / chunky sorrt? It's odd that one store stocks them and onther doesn't - normally its a corporate across the board thing.
  9. Thanks both. Chestnut Mare - I think they have Sip - we are regular visitors to WBA so will take a look. Thx.
  10. Hi all, As the title suggests and after some research, it appears that Woodchip (NOT bark or mulch) appears to be the ideal base material for an Eglu run. If you put a layer of weed stop fabric material underneath it also prevents the woodchip coming into contact with the earth underneath and turning into a big brown soup - not good in winter! The co"Ooops, word censored!"r the woodchip the better as it doesn’t get flicked through the grill of the run. The ideal product which I’m trying to locate is called ‘Play Grade Woodchip’ as it’s used in children’s play areas. There are suppliers in Inverness / Plymouth and Norfolk just about as far away as you can get from Worcester in the West Mids and the carriage cost makes these suppliers unsuitable. Also you have to buy in bulk which then results in high costs and storage issues. There is a huge B&Q in Kidderminster which someone suggested stock it but they don't! Also Tree surgeons products are too fine / small pieces which defeats the object. So can anyone suggest a supplier of Woodchippings in the West Mids / Hereford area please?
  11. Yep - As per Sage's advice. I took an old PC to the local authority depot to be disposed of. The weird thing is that I placed it in the car and drove really carefully so as not to cause it to tip over and be damaged, then I threw it into a skip
  12. OK. I haven't read all of the posts on the 3 previous pages but I'll add my two peneth worth for what it's worth. We lost our Omlet miss after 2 months which left our on her own. So to save her being lonely we've introduced 2 hybrids. An Amber (Lilly) and an Copper Black (Amber) yes I have got that right. After only 24 hrs Lilly led the other 2 through our open patio window into our sitting room and the hopped onto the sofa whilst Amber jumped up onto my wifes lap who was sat our suite! - AFTER ONLY 24 hrs. Cheeky or what?
  13. That's a coincidence! see my post timed at 4.37 today on my thread entitled "Very Bad Day - Some advice please". The answer is less than 5 mins!
  14. Yep - married life is no different. Pics on the way over the weekend
  15. Thanks and I'll upload some pics as soon as I can get them to stand still for long enough! So we've introduced a Copper Black (Amber) and an Amber (Lilly) (see my signature below and all will be clear) that looks brilliant white and she's a beauty! If fact both of them are. Now Valentine our has taken to Amber imediately like they were old buddies. No pecking order, absolutely no probs, free raniging together from the first minute they were together. Question! Is this because Valentine thinks Amber the Copper Black is our Miss that we lost recently as the colourings are very similar? Now the slight hiccup. Valentine is giving Lilly a hard time and not leaving her alone for a second. It's the pecking order thing. Just wondering why Valentine has taken to the Copper Black but is giving the Amber a hrd time? Could it be the colour and how long does it usually take to accept another chicken into the flock?
  16. Thanks for all your kind wishes. So we've decided to find Valentine some friends and have tonight added an Amber and a Copper Black, so now one is three. First night together so it's fingers crossed. There's been a bit of pecking and chasing already but nothing on the scale we were expecting. At dusk tonight they all trundled off into their Eglu Go and when we shone the torch in they were all cuddled up togther!
  17. Can I ask the best place to obtain woodchips from. I'd like the course type. Garden centres only sell bark chippings for the garden which aren't suitable.
  18. Thanks all for taking the time to contribute. Any more ideas will be more than welcome.........
  19. Hello, We have had Nando, our Omlet Miss for 2 months and for about 2 weeks she had been laying an egg a day without any problems. However, after laying yesterday we noticed that she had suffered a prolapsed vent. Despite our best efforts we took her to the vet this morning who confirmed what we alredy really knew and she was quietly put to sleep. Antibiotics and surgery were considered but after taking advice there were no options really as most fixes are temporary at best and in most cases unsuccessful. Poor Valentine (our ) is now on her own and missing her soulmate. So we now need to move on and find her a friend. We obviously understand that this in itself can cause a conflict and we don't want to upset Valentine more than we have to by having her new friends attacking her. So....have you any tips on the best way of introducing a new chicken. Idealy we'd like 3 in total but we're not sure if introducing a pair would really cause problems. We have an Eglu Go with a 3m run and they are allowed to free range too so space is not a problem.
  20. Apologies for any confusion - they're 6 month old chicks!
  21. Quick update. SInce Nando started laying she hasn't stopped. However, Valentine has stopped (after about a dozen) and can't get going again - see my first post at the top of this thread. So after reading all the possible reasons (on the forum) and only 1 day after starting the 7 day worming program, Valentine has started laying again. Does Flubenvet work that fast or just a coincidence?
  22. I tell you something GL - Carol Vorderman has got nothing on you....thanks.
  23. GL, Brilliant and thanks thats all I wanted!
  24. Of course - but they're hardly clear. It's the 5ml / 6g thing I'm just trying to resolve. The instructions keep refering to 6g dosages but then they go and supply a 5ml scoop - Brilliant!
  25. OK, I've read the thread on the 'Poultry Health' section but just want to clarify one point if I may. The thread refers to a 6g scoop. Our blue scoop has 5ml stamped on it. Therefore is 6g the same quantity as 5ml? - I'm presuming it is. So then it's just a case then of mixing one scoop of Fulbenvet with 2kg of food which coincidentally is just enough to fill the new style Omlet feeder.

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